Galrin’s Saga S01


For session 1 I’m using a modified version of MUNE as an oracle and a swathe of generators which I will note as I go. Also noteworthy I am using a combination of the Pocket Lands 1.1 and 3 systems for building my overland map as I go. 

Also note my formatting is all over the place. At time of writing the intention is journal notes are bullet points and GM/generator notes are non-bulleted, italic text.

Also this is a stupid long session. I think this was about 8 hours all up during which I stepped away from the table a few times to do stuff and came back. Should have broken up into multiple smaller sessions but here we are.

If anyone has better idea of how to structure and format the text, please let me know.

Day 1

Rumour of treasure 

  • The family are working at the Lady Luck tavern in Daggerford on a normal evening. 
  • While singing a saga as she normally does, Galrin overhears a drunken traveler a few tables over telling of a rumoured treasure in a cave a days ride from the town. 
  • After her song she find the traveler and questions him about the rumour seeking more details. 
  • He doesn’t know much else but tells her where the cave can be found. He warns her that there are rumours of beasts living in the cave hence while it remains unexplored. 
  • She thanks him for the information. 
  • That night she cajoles Dorin into accompanying her the next day to see if there really is any treasure. 

Travel to the cave 

Dorin and Galrin have no horses so it will take 2 days travel to reach the location of the cave. Each day will require one travel roll to see if anything is encountered or discovered on the way. 

Day 1, Travel roll 1. Throughout the morning the two continue along the road in the general direction of the cave without occurrence. 

Day 1, travel roll 2.  
Travel through grasslands 
Discover a monster’s lair 
Face a hard encounter  

Kobold Fight Club Hard Encounter


  • Dorin and Galrin continue along the road towards the cave when they both hear a rustling in the bush. They look over just as an arrow comes flying out. 
  • The ambusher fires shots at Dorin but misses. Galrin distracts the ambusher with called out insults (Viscous mockery x 2 max damage!) and Dorin runs up and dispatches the human. 


  • This is the first time either have had a life or death fight. Dorin didn’t even mean to kill the man but when they had cut him with their sword, he’d struck out instinctually. The pair sit and are shocked by the whole experience.  
  • Following a small argument, Galrin makes clear she won’t be turning back just yet. She wants to see what’s in the cave. 
  • They decide to bury the body and spend the night in the woods before continuing the next day. 

Day 2 

  • Because they didn’t travel the extra six hours the pair will have to travel an additional travel roll for a day 3. 

Day 2, travel roll 1. Nothing of note occurs. 
Day 2, travel roll 2. Nothing of note occurs. 
Day 2, travel roll 3. Discover a swamp. 
Is the cave in the swamp? Yes. 

  • The pair travel at the edge of the swamp and make preparations for entering it and the cave the next day. 

Is the pair’s rest disturbed? 
Likelihood: Unlikely 
Roll: 9 & 5 
Answer: No, but 

Day 3 

  • Dorin and Galrin enter the swamp where the rumoured cave is located. 
  • As a swamp makes travel harder, they will have two travel rolls to reach the cave entrance. 

Nothing occurs during the travel rolls but the pair discover the cave entrance. 

  • They can’t find any tracks to tell them what they might find inside. 

The Cave

  • The pair attempt to sneak in but make too much noise. Looking in they see 2 kobolds and a Troglodyte (Deadly encounter). 
  • The kobolds let fly with arrows but both miss. Dorin rushes in and cuts down one kobold. 
  • Galrin casts Dissonant Whispers on the troglodyte. It makes the save but the damage still hurts it bad. The kobold runs to attack Galrin with its dagger but misses. Dorin cuts down the troglodyte then flanks the kobold facing Galrin. Galrin draws her steel and crits the kobold, cutting the beast down. 
  • Once the adrenaline wore off, the pair found themselves laughing hysterically. In the course of a couple days, they’ve gone from tavern workers to bonafide monster slaying adventurers. 
  • Remembering what originally brought them to the cave, they begin exploring. 
  • They discover a small treasure hoard containing 156 gold worth of coins and gems, 2 potions of greater healing and a rapier. 
  • Dorin ignores the weapon as it appears to light for him but begins scooping up the treasure. 
  • Galrin collects the rapier then assists Dorin in collecting the treasure. The pair decide to spend the night in the cave as it is evening outside. 


During the long rest, both characters level up to level 2.  

Galrin will unknowingly attune to the Rapier Weapon of Warning. During the night she has a dream where she is approached by Tymora. Galrin agrees to pledge herself to Tymora’s service in exchange for the chance to enter the sagas as she’s always wanted to. Tymora grants her a level of Hexblade and a feat. She also grants a feat to Dorin at Galrin’s request though he knows it not and Galrin doesn’t tell him at this stage. 

Are the pair disturbed during their rest? 
Likelihood: 50/50 
Roll: 4 
Answer: No 

Day 4

Travel back to Daggerford  

2 travel rolls to leave the swamp
Travel roll 1, nothing occurs
Travel roll 2
Discover a small wood sheltering a wood forest gnome village
A random event occurs
Focus: NPC Action
Subject: Clothing
Action: Climb 

  • While traveling through the swamp, Dorin tries a shortcut across a body of water using a fallen log. After he and Galrin reach the other side, his pant leg catches on a plant. Stopping try and free the clothing, he notices several tiny dwellings that where built into the flora. He then spots several sets of eyes looking up at him and Galrin.  
  • Galrin receives an intuition to not disturb the small gnomish village so she directs Dorin to leave a small offering of food from their rations and the pair leave. 
  • The pair soon make it out of the swamp. They decide to continue traveling while there is still daylight 

Travel roll 3, nothing occurs
The pair set down for the night
Is their rest disturbed?
Likelihood: 50/50
Roll: 2
Answer: No 

Day 5 

  • The pair are continue traveling back through grasslands back home. 

Travel roll 1 
Travel through grasslands 
Discover a monster’s lair 
Face a medium encounter 
KFC encounter: 2 goblins 
Do the goblins try to ambush the pair? 
Likelihood: Likely 
Roll: 10 & 7 
Answer: Extreme Yes 

The pair are travelling through an area recently inhabited by a goblin party. They have established an ambush area and get advantage on their stealth check. (15) 

The pair are still green adventurers so I’m not going to give them an active perception check so the goblins have successfully surprised them. 


Are the goblins on the same side of the road? 
Likelihood: 50/50 
Roll: 1 
Answer: Extreme No 

  • The goblins are on either side of the road and will fire from range then attempt to hide in the bushes. The goblins got surprise because I forgot about the Weapon of Warning property. Still the pair just managed to survive.  
  • They take a short rest following the battle. 


I decide that following the rest, the pair would be keen to resume travel home so don’t discover the monster’s lair 
Travel roll 2 
Travel through grasslands 
Face a hard encounter  


Are these goblins from the monster’s lair? 
Likelihood: Likely 
Roll: 2 & 3 
Answer: No 
KFC encounter roll 
3 wolves = Hard 

Weapon of warning prevents surprise so no stealth for wolves when they attempt to attack the Dorin and Galrin 
They survive the attack but Galrin is badly wounded. 
They take a short rest then decide it is best to rest the night before heading on. 

Is the long rest disturbed? 
Likelihood: 50/50 
Roll: 8 Answer: Yes 


Encounter difficulty roll: Medium 
KFC encounter roll: 2 giant wolf spiders

Both the spiders swarm Galrin knocking her out, poisoning and paralysing her in the first round. Where’s Tymora when you need her? 

Dorin is able to slay both spiders without taking any damage. Galrin makes 2 death saves before the combat is finished. Dorin gives her a potion of greater healing 


  • Dorin waits with Galrin for her paralysis to end. They then find a more secure place and have a long rest. 

Day 6

The pair have 2 more travel rolls to complete to return to Daggerford 
Travel roll 1 
Discover a small wood with an overgrown shrine 
Face a hard encounter  
A random event occurs 
Focus: NPC Action 
Subject: Animal 
Action: Astonish 
Scene – Combat 
KFC Combat Roll
3 goblins 

2 hours into their travel home, the pair spot a trio of goblins kicking and torturing a young man they recognise from their hometown. They sneak up then at an agreed signal attack with surprise. 

Dorin rushes in and cuts down one of the goblins with action surge 

Galrin fires off an Eldritch Blast which takes out another 

The third goblin stabs at villager on the ground (Thomas Terrel) putting him into death saves then disengages and attempts to flee 

Dorin gives chase but misses. Galrin also misses. Thomas makes first death save. 

Goblin disengages and attempts to flee. Dorin remembers sentinel and gives a killing blow to the goblin. 

Galrin rushes up to Thomas and casts Cure Wounds to bring the young man back to life. 


  • Following the battle as Dorin is collecting the bodies, he comes across a small overgrown shrine. He calls over Galrin who casts Detect Magic to determine what she can about the shrine. 

Is there any magic present? 
Likelihood: 50/50
Roll: 4
Answer: No 

  • She can’t sense any magic and after some time the pair decide to leave the shrine untouched unsure what it represents. 
  • They continue travelling back to Daggerford escorting Thomas. 

Last travel roll before making it home whoo! 
Travel through grasslands 
Discover an abandoned tower 
Face a medium encounter
KFC: 2 goblins

Do the pair spot them early enough to attempt stealth?
Likelihood: 50/50
Roll: 5
Answer: No, but
They get advantage on initiative


  • Galrin rushes up to the first and casts Dissonant Whispers. They psychic damage alone is enough to end the beast. 
  • Dorin runs up to the other and cuts into it. It tries to flee and Sentinel strike finishes it. 


Moving the corpses off the road, they continue and make it back to Daggerford. 

Return to Daggerford

Is Thomas the son of someone important among the middle and lower folk of Daggerford? 
Likelihood: 50/50 
Roll: 1 
Answer: Extreme No 

  • The pair receive a lot of odd looks as they re-enter the tavern.
  • Their mother is ecstatic to see them as they were expected back days ago. 
  • They try to say little of the events but Thomas starts telling all how they saved him from the goblins. 
  • They are celebrated for the night and head to bed soon after. 

Day 7

  • The next morning, the pair agree that there adventuring has only just begun. 
  • They spend a large chunk of the treasure they recovered on Studded Leather and a shield for Galrin. 
  • That was a lot of combats on the way home. 


  • Galrin takes a second level of Warlock 
  • Picks up mask of many faces and agonising blast 
  • Dorin takes a third level of Fighter and selects Battlemaster subclass 

Day 21

2 weeks later the adventurers are keen to get out and try something
Sheriff has posted a bounty for a bandit gang leader who has recently been attacking merchants visiting the town
200 gold reward for capture or proof of kill 

Seeking adventure

  • Our heroes are strolling through the main square when they see the sheriff post the notice 
  • They rush up and find it 
  • They ask the Sheriff for more information 
    • She can only tell them that the bandit is believed to work out of a wood in Ardeep Forest 
    • Unknown how many gang members but believed to be over a dozen gang members 
  • The party purchases rations for 10 days travel and sets off 


  • Our heroes are strolling through the main square when they see the sheriff post the notice 
  • They rush up and find it 
  • They ask the Sheriff for more information 
    • She can only tell them that the bandit is believed to work out of a wood in Ardeep Forest 
    • Unknown how many gang members but believed to be over a dozen gang members 
  • The party purchases rations for 10 days travel and sets off 

Travel roll 1 nothing occurs
Travel roll 2
Travel through grasslands
Discover a small stream
A random event occurs
Focus: Advance Plot 
Subject: Window 
Action: Claim 
Do they encounter victims of the bandits? 
Likelihood: 50/50
Roll: 10
Answer: Extreme Yes
Are they still alive?
Likelihood: 50/50
Roll: 6
Answer: Yes, but
They are severely injured 

  • Galrin exhausts her healing abilities to bring all the survivors back from the brink 
  • The pair turn back to escort the victims back to Daggerford before pressing on 
  • Travel roll on leg back, Nothing occurs 
  • The group reaches Daggerford without incident 
  • Galrin and Dorin escort the bandit victims to the sheriff who takes over their care 
  • The two then decide to spend the night in town with their mother

Day 22

Setting off again

  • Early the next morning the pair set off 
  • 2 thugs attempt to ambush them but they make quick work of them 
  • They continue travelling and soon encounter 2 thugs and 2 bandits. It’s a more bruising battle but they are able to defeat them in the end. They choose to take a short rest to recover HP. 
  • They make it to the dungeon without further occurrences. 

The Hideout

Dungeon map used from

Credit: Andrew J. Luther
  • They’re unable to find the entrance before encountering the patrol of 1 scout and 1 mastiff 
  • After they take out the patrol they take a short rest before searching and finding the entrance to the cave. 
  • They approach with caution and make quick work of the spy guarding the entrance despite him noticing their approach. 
  • They enter the cave. Dorin is narrowly missed by a bear trap but a bell sounds alerting the inhabitants to their arrival. 
  • They enter and are ambushed by 5 bandits who come at them from both sides. Galrin barely survives with only 3 HP. 
  • The group moves into the south passage assuming the room clear after the bandits attacked from it but encounter a berserker. The battle is hard fought with Galrin starting at 3HP but luckily Dorin was first in initiative and ran up to the berserker. Was able to keep him from moving through Sentinel. 
  • Searching around they find a potion of healing with Galrin immediately downs. They discuss temporary retreat for a short rest before returning. They debate it but in the end decide it is the best move rather than pressing on injured or trying to rest inside. 
  • They retreat to an area where they can watch the entrance while they rest. 
  • Then return.

Do they encounter any resistance from areas previously cleared?  
Likelihood: 50/50 
Roll: 4 
Answer: No 

  • They head to the passage they were previously ambushed at and take the north room. In this room they find barrels of food and water but nothing else. It appears they already defeated the bandits that were in this area. 
  • They head further in then south sneakily to area 5. They quietly open the door and spot 4 bandits laying down in their beds. They notice only one is awake. Galrin blasts him then Dorin finishes him without making a noise. 
  • They approach the next but make too much noise and awaken the sleeping bandits. They are able to slay them before they can raise the alarm further. 
  • Having a bright idea, Galrin decides to cast Disguise Self and pretend to be a Bandit as they head further into the hideout to try and get the drop on the next group again. 
  • They head to area 6 with Dorin hiding around the side as Galrin enters. 
  • Galrin plays bandit well enough to get beside one and attack. Dorin comes storming in and they gang up on the one thug but the other flees seeking reinforcements. 
  • They are able to quickly defeat the thug and have a round to prepare. 
  • Galrin casts bless. 
  • A thug, a bandit captain and a scout come up the passage to fight (Deadly) 
  • As they come around the corner, Galrin places Hexblade curse on the Bandit Captain and Eldritch Blasts him. 
  • Dorin focuses and Action Surges to take out the Scout with a Precision attack 

Defeating the remaining Scout and Bandit Captain is much longer and uses a lot of resources with both PCs getting down to single digits in HP 

  • Believing the hideout to now be empty they take a short rest and are not disturbed 
  • Searching the room they find a chest. Galrin determines it is trapped so they both step away from it some distance and she deliberately triggers the trap via her Mage Hand. 
  • Inside they find the equivalent of 450gp in coins and valuables, a scroll of sleep, a scroll of zone of truth, a healing potion and a potion of climbing. 
  • Following their discovery and rest, they decide to explore the one passage they have yet to check. When they get there they find a ghoul trapped in a cage but no one else around. They kill the ghoul in the cage then return to Daggerford. 
  • For the sake of brevity I’m going to say they make it back to town without further encounters. There they provide proof of the bandits demise and receive 200gp  as a reward from the sheriff.  
  • They’ve increased their reputation in town and will receive better jobs. 
  • They also go to Level 4 because I’m being generous with myself 😊 
  • Dorin takes the ASI to max out strength. Feats coming his way in the future or some CON possibly. 
  • Galrin takes a second level in Bard receiving Jack of All Trades, Magical Inspiration and Song of Rest. That’s all for today. 


    1. Travel rolls are coming from Pocketlands. When entering a tile/square, you roll 2d6 to determine what is there. I’m in the process of customising this for my own purposes. Once their stable (currently changing every session or between) I’ll post them.

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