Galrin’s Saga S02


I decided to experiment at the start of this session and rolled a turning point using the Adventure Crafter. The goal was to challenge myself to see if I could incorporate the output into the session.

I’m still working out how I want to format things as I go to separate story from mechanics. I really like the style SteelheartX has implemented but I’m too lazy to do all the inline styling. Research found I could achieve similar using Gutenberg’s Block Variations but as I started looking into that solution, I quickly realised that I needed to learn a bit of WordPress development to implement it. Oh well that’ll be a challenge for another day. Still thanks to SteelheartX for the inspiration.

OK on with the actual play 🙂

S01 Summary

  • Galrin and her twin brother Dorin work at the Lady Luck tavern in Daggerford
  • Hear a rumour of treasure cave
  • 3 days travel and first combats to reach cave
  • Defeat kobolds and a troglodyte in cave
  • Find a small treasure hoard including an enchanted rapier
  • Galrin becomes a Hexblade with Tymora as patron through the enchanted rapier
  • Level up to level 2
  • 2 days travel return to Daggerford with many combat encounters
  • Encounter goblins attacking a villager, Thomas
  • Defeat goblins and several others on way back to Daggerford
  • Level up to level 3
  • Receive a job from noticeboard to defeat a bandit gang
  • Defeat bandits
  • Recover treasure
  • Return to Daggerford
  • Collect reward
  • Level up to level 4

Day 36

  • Galrin and Dorin are working at the tavern with their mother. They’ve noticed her increasing frailty and tendency to illness. Their newfound wealth from adventuring means she doesn’t have to work anymore but she refuses to stop or slow down.
  • The twins ask for help at the temple. They are advised that Vitani is getting old and it’s only the natural order of things.
  • Continuing to ask around, the sheriff suggests talking to Chem Grief, a local wizard who has been engaged by the town’s rulers in the past for similar thins
  • Chem says he does have a potion that won’t make her young again but will provide some vigor to her for a few years yet. It’s expensive and will require they retrieve ingredients currently only available from the market town of Glip Dak.
  • The twins agree and hand over 450gp. 50gp will also be required for the ingredients from Glip Dak. He advises them that it is a dangerous town ruled by hobgoblins.
  • Ingredient is Belladonna roots. The pair stock up on rations enough for the trip twice over then head off the next morning.

Day 37

I’m trying out PocketLands for overland travel as a way of providing a hexcrawl lite experience. With some custom rules…
Each tile is equivalent of 12 hours or one days travel
1 hours travel in standard PocketLands is 4 hours
Party can travel up to 12 hours before needing to make CON saves to continue without exhaustion
1 ration per day
Daggerford is in the south sector of tile 0,0
There is a road from the south to west sector so that only takes 4 hours

  • During the evening of their first day travelling, the twins encounter a travelling minstrel.
  • He hasn’t heard of them but Galrin insists on telling them of their exploits.
  • The minstrel makes a satirical piece about it and promises they’ll hear it when next they get to Daggerford as that is where he is headed.
  • The twins continue on. They make it to the west end of 1,0 a full days travel west of Daggerford. They camp for the night.
  • Stormy weather prevents them from having a full rest. They decide to purchase a tent at the next opportunity.

Day 38

  • The following day, the pair get lost and fail to make any further west. They find themselves back at their original campsite. As they approach 2 bandits pop out trying to demand their money. They quickly dispatch of the bandits (thugs) and bury them. While doing so they recover 8gp worth of coins.
  • They are able to rest throughout the night without further complications.

Day 39

  • The next morning the pair head west across open grasslands.
  • As the twins move west they come across an inn in the middle of nowhere (-2,0E)

Used Oh My Game Master to generate the inn and primary NPC running it.

  • It is run by a Dragonborn called Dad Wivvyrholdalphiax
  • No rumours available
  • Due to difficulty in travelling through the now hilly terrain, the pair stay the night and buy food before setting out the next day

Day 40

  • The pair continues west through hill land the next day. They find the entrance to what looks like an abandoned mine. Galrin can see footprints in the dirt that appear non-human. Their curiosity rises but knowing they are already behind schedule to get the ingredients for their mother’s medicine, the pair mark the location on their map and continue on.
  • They find a road cutting through the hills and make good time.
  • As they continue west they find a standing circle. At first they are unsure but Through Detect Magic, Galrin is able to determine it is a teleportation portal. Having never used one before, not knowing where others are and being on a schedule, Galrin pushes down her excitement and continues travelling west.
  • They get lost and end up back at the river crossing they had made at midday. The pair decide to camp just near it for the night.
  • The pair manage to rest the night without any further incidents.

Day 41

  • As the pair awaken and set off, they joke about Chem must have flown for 6 days straight as no way anyone is making the trip in 6 days on foot.
  • The pair continues westward into a forest region (4,0)
  • While travelling through it they notice half their remaining rations have spoiled 🙁
  • Only 8 days remaining 🙁
  • The pair continue travelling west. They discover the entrance to a tomb but decide to move on without investigating. Their desparate to get to Glip Dak and back as quick as they can and their rations are starting to run low.
  • The weather is poor again preventing the twins from getting a good night’s sleep. Both make their DC10 constitution saving throw so no level of exhaustion.

Day 42

  • The twins continue west the next day.
  • They travel through the swamp and at the end of the day they stumble into an occupied campsite. The Virna are a settled clan made up of 18 humans, elves and half elves. They welcome the twins and provide free lodging and food for the night. They don’t normally act as merchants but agree to sell a two person tent to the pair for a markup (5GP).
  • They are very interested by the pairs origin of a lost father but they don’t recognize the name so can’t provide any help.
  • The pair camp the night without incident.

Day 43

  • The following day the pair continue through the swamp and eventually find a road leading to Glip Dak.
  • They make it there in the late evening. The gates are closed but Galrin is able to negotiate their way in with a 5GP bribe.
  • As the twins enter the first thing they notice is diversity of Glip Dak. People of every culture and race they’d heard of and so many others. They ask a passing human where they can find an alchemist’s shop. He initially ignores them (Think New York state of mind) but then thinks again and advises they find themselves a safe inn for the night as out of towners can be seen a mile away and are usually targetted by the criminals in the city.
  • They find their way to the Water and Compass inn. It’s a rough place and when they enter they get a lot of looks. Dorin is getting frustrated with all the looks at him and leers at his sister. As they eat their meals he ends up having a stare down with a hobgoblin. After a while the hobgoblin comes over to Dorin and stares at him face to face. Dorin doesn’t flinch and the goblinoid tries to strike him with a fist. Dorin catches his wrist and attempts to headbutt the creature back but it gets a vanbrace up causing 2 HP damage to Dorin. Insulted, the creature pulls sword and swings at Dorin. 1 goblin from it’s table joins in the fray and all the humans in the main area join in on the hobgoblins side.
  • The fight becomes hectic with the twins becoming surrounded by combatants. When the hobgoblin that started it all goes down from a swing from Dorin, there is a collective gasp throughout the room and more creatures join the frenzy of attackers around the twins.
  • The fight takes only a minute (11 rounds!) but seems like an hour. By the end, Galrin are standing there bloody and breathing hard. They are surrounded by the still warm bodies of 4 bandits, 4 goblins and 3 hobgoblins.
  • They look at each other then hear the guttural laughter from across the room. They look around and see the halfling barkeep huddled behind the bar and a Hobgoblin still seated at a table clapping.
  • He congratulates them on their victory. He explains he is a member of the guard and will vouch for their innocence in what happened tonight. As per the laws of Glip Dak they may take the weapons, armour and valuables of those they defeated in honourable combat. As they are new to town and likely just made a dozen blood enemies, he offers to buy all the gear and help them with whatever they need in town.
  • Adding Glip Dak Blood Feuds to plot list
  • Awarding 300gp as total of all coins and lowered amount of gear sold from all 11 combatants
  • They ask him to get them rations, the belladonna roots for their mother’s medicine
  • They rest for the night and will set off first thing in the morning

Day 44

  • The next morning when they are an hour away from Glip Dak, 3 hobgoblins attempt to ambush the twins but Galrin’s rapier warns her.
  • With little more than a snarl, the three charge forward
  • Through tactical acumen develoepd by recent experience, the twins are able to make quick work of the hobgoblins then continue on trying to make it to the Virna campsite before nightfall.
  • They make it there and spend the night without incident. This time they choose to pay for their meals.

Day 45

  • They find the road from the swamp to the forest and reach the middle off the forest by nightfall. There they decide to make camp. It’s another night with bad weather but thanks to the tent, they are able to endure it without issue.

Day 46

  • They make it through the forest and reach the start of the hills (-4,0W) between between them and the grasslands around Daggerford.
  • They make camp for the night.
  • During the night they are attacked by a Gnoll Pack Lord. To the twins it’s a monstrous creture which they manage to take down quickly without injury.
  • They then settle in for the night without further incident.

Day 47

  • They travel over hills before reach a road bridge that continues to cut through the hills east. They follow this way they came previously and find themselves in the western sector of –2,0 at the end of the travelling day.
  • They camp for the night without incident.

Day 48

  • They continue east to Daggerford the next day, bypassing “Hidden Dad’s Barnacle Flophouse” Inn.
  • They encounter a lost stranger on the way who is looking for the inn. They provide directions but press on keen to get home to their mother.
  • They camp for the night knowing that if they press on early, they can push through the evening and reach Daggerford late the next night.
  • The weather is poor during the night but their tent provides safety.

Day 49

  • The pair push through the night and make it the road on the eastern sector of –1,0, only hours away from Daggerford. They spot a couple bandits in the bushes but a magical display from Gilran is intimidates them well enough to keep away.
  • The twins reach the gates of Daggerford that night though Gilran is exhausted by then (1 level of exhaustion). Still her need to see her mother pushed her on.
  • The pair hurry to the Lady Luck Tavern to see their mother Vitani.
  • She is looking worse than before and though she looks like she needs bed rest, she refuses to stop working. Gilran takes over her duties and Dorin carries the angry mother to bed.
  • There he tells her all that they went through with their journey and the fight in Glip Dak to get the ingredients to try and help her.
  • This quiets her a bit as she didn’t realise the risk they’d taken but was cross thinking they’d gone off gallivanting.
  • She agrees to take the medicine produced by Chem after they visit him the next day.

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