Galrin’s Saga S03


I am still messing around with map generation. I’m currently using PockletLands but decided to shrink each map region into 5×5 tiles to map the geomorph cards that are in the mail. This renders some of the location coordinates given in session 1 and 2 incorrect but not going back to fix them.

Also still messing around with how to use the exploration and features. Things are likely to continue to change so don’t hold firm to location coordinates etc.

S02 Summary

  • Galrin and Dorin seek medicine for their ailing elderly mother
  • A wizard named Chem Grief offers a solution but requires a hefty sum and travel to a place more distant than the twins have ever been before to get ingredients
  • The travel there is long with unexpected obstacles
  • They discover locations they are likely to investigate in the future (a tomb, a mine and a teleportation circle)
  • They reach Glip Dak and get into a bar brawl with 3 hobgoblins, 4 goblins and 4 bandits.
  • Barely survive but an honourable hobgoblins offers to help them procure their needed ingredients and rations as a result
  • On the way back to Daggerford a group of vengeful Hobgoblins attack them
  • During aight’s camp, a gnoll pack lord attacks them
  • They make it back to Daggerford and see their mum
  • Next session will start with them visiting Chem Grief to deliver the ingredients

Day 50

  • The next morning Galrin and Dorin take the Belladonna root to Chem Grief for the medicine. He tells them it will take him at least a day to finish brewing it.

Does he have any jobs for them to do while they wait? 50/50

Is it retrieve something from the nearby tomb? 50/50

Random Quest Generation
Kobolds have tunneled into the basement of a nearby temple and refuse to leave.

Is it a Tymoran shrine? Likely
Yes but, It’s very minor shrine with no resources reward

  • Chem tells them he has been approached by a priestess of Tymora from the small shrine in Daggerford
  • An unknown creature has tunneled into the basement of the shrine and stolen some of the supplies and minor artifacts stored therein
  • He suggests they may want to look into it while he works on the potion
  • Galrin immediately agrees and Dorin does relunctantly
  • The pair depart Chem’s residence and head to the shrine

Meeting Shamil

  • The pair make their way over to the small temple devoted to Tymora
  • As they enter, Galrin feels as though she feels Tymora’s presence but she doesn’t know if it’s just her imagination
  • They meet Shamil who is an elderly gnomish woman
  • She is a low level cleric/priestess of Tymora
  • She tells them she noticed items were missing from the basement 5 days ago
  • After investigating she found a tunneled entrance to the basement
  • The pair agree to crawl into the whole and find out what’s happened

Entering the tunnel

  • This is going to be a small 4 room cave dungeon

First room

40 x 30 feet semi circle guardroom, ceiling is partially collapsed with rubble strewn across the room
On the left wall is a 10 feet wide, 10 feet long passage
On the opposite wall is a  10 foot wide passage
Deadly combat encounter in room
There is loot in the room

  • The pair enter a room and see 3 kobolds, 2 dressed as warriors and one like a magic user
  • The kobolds react hostilely to their presence starting combat
  • Dorin rushes forward and engages the mage
  • He cuts it deep and it responds with a chromatic orb which hits Dorin for 11hp
  • Galrin comes around the rocks blocking the center of the room from the other side and casts dissonant whispers on the mage. It takes the damage and gets cut down while trying to run away after being engaged by Galrin and Dorin both.
  • The warrior kobolds focus on Dorin and bloody him despite Galrin’s constant healing.
  • The pair eventually kill the 3 kobolds but Dorin is barely standing by the end even with Galrin’s regular healing
  • Looking around the room they find 234 gp worth of coins and valuables and an enchanted +1 Longsword that one of the warrior kobolds were using as a greatsword.
  • They take a short rest to recover themselves while watching the passage for any intruders
  • An hour later they are ready to proceed

Second Room

20 x 20 feet square room with a lode where metal ore is mined, has been used as a campsite
On the right wall is a Stone door, 5 feet wide
Random event occurs in passage
Focus: PC Negative
Subject: Deity
Action: Endear

Well this is convenient as I am running out of time for this session. At this point Galrin blacks out and has a to be determined vision where she communes with Tymora. Dorin doesn’t want to press any further forward so he carries her back to through the shrine.

Dorin tells Shamil what happened. She tells him to lay Galrin in a cell she has for visitors to rest while Shamil prays for her. Dorin then returns to the cave. A couple kobolds are there but flee before he sees them. He then sets a display with the fallen kobolds remaining armaments to act as a warning to the others. He then backfills the tunnel and returns to the shrine while ensuring the passage is secured.


    1. In this session I was using a combination of Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox, Mythic GME Random Events and MUNE portents. I have interpretations of them automated across a couple tools that I made. Wish and Solo Adventure Maker. They’re fairly rough but they do provide one click functionality for most things I need. At the same time I’m leaning away from using these where I can.

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