Galrin’s Saga S04

S03 Summary

  • Galrin and Dorin visit Chem
  • He starts brewing the medicine for their mother but will need time to complete it
  • He tells them that the local Tymoran shrine was looking for volunteers to investigate an issue
  • Twins meet Shamil at the shrine and investigate a tunnel carved into the basement
  • Leads to a cave where they have a deadly encounter against 2 kobolds warriors and a magic user
  • Defeat them then as they delve deeper into the cave, Galrin falls unconscious as Tymora communes with her in a yet to be detailed vision
  • Dorin carries her back to the shrine where Shamil makes Galrin comfortable and prays for her
  • Dorin goes back into the tunnel and leaves a warning for any other kobolds
  • He securely backfills the tunnel to ensure no further breaches in the future

Galrin’s Vision

Galrin is walking through the underground temple beside her brother when she hears the bounce of a coin. She looks around trying to find the source as the sound gets louder. Suddenly the world folds in on her as everything turns black.

Is Galrin’s vision with Tymora directly? Likely
The vision is showing her something. Not a direct communication.

What is in the vision?
Overturn, Remark, Vandalize
The vision shows a group of unknown people, robed and masked, vandalizing and desecrating a Tymoran temple.

Is it the Daggerford temple?
No, but
The vision shows a Tymoran temple that Galrin hasn’t seen before but recognises symbols of her.

How big is the temple?
1d6 = 1
It’s an extremely small temple but it has some form of investiture making it important to Tymora. Important enough for her to bring to Galrin’s attention.

Existence begins again for Galrin. She is outside. It is dark. She doesn’t recognise the area. It’s grassland with small stands of trees either side. As she looks on she sees a group of people approaching from the world. Something within her warns against announcing her presence. Instead she watches. Thirteen humanoid shapes, robed and masked, carrying torches, are chanting as they come closer.

The sounds are unnerving to Galrin. She doesn’t recognise the words but after sometimes she recognises a name repeated again and again. Beshaba. Galrin cringes back bumps into something. Behind her she sees a stone wayside shrine. Looking at it she can see a faded coin, the symbol for Tymora.

At first she is relieved until she hears the Beshaba cultists getting closer. She takes shelter in the nearby wood. Peering out she witnesses a foul ritual including blood sacrifice. As her vision begins to fade she realises her goddesses holy place is being desecrated and reconsecrated to Beshaba, the evil goddess of ill luck and doom.

How many days is Galrin unconscious for following her vision?
1d4+1 = 5

Day 55

 Galrin wakes up in the shrine of Tymora in Daggerford after her brother, mother and Shamil agreed it would be best not to move her from the place.


I’m eager to get back onto the road adventuring so I’m going to skim over the details and state;

  • The medicine worked and Vitani is as healthy/spry as a 70~ year old woman working long hours her whole life in a medieval setting could be.
  • Galrin reveals her pact with Tymora and subsequent vision to Dorin, their mother and Shamil.
  • Shamil knows of 3 possible shrines that the vision could refer to. They (nor I) know if the vision was of an event that already occurred or will happen if they do not intervene.
  • Vitani insists they must go and investigate. She agrees to leave her employment at the Lady Luck tavern and assist Shamil around the Daggerford temple at least until they get back.

Does Shamil have anything to help them?

What is it? Portent
Deface, Discriminate, Defend
+1 shield (Defend)
Hat of disguise (Deface)
Cloak of Displacement (Discriminate)

Shamil gifts 3 magic items from her years of adventuring to assist on their journey.

  • A +1 shield which Galrin equips
  • A Hat of Disguise and Cloak of Displacement with Dorin equips

The closest of the shrines is a week’s journey south west (MM/2,5)

Decided to also roll up an Adventure Crafter Turning Point for this part of the journey. This will be incorporated into how this “arc” but not sure exactly where. Have some ideas but we’ll let it come about naturally.

Day 56

The twins set out the next morning heading west to 3,4 with a bag full of provisions and their hearts full of resolve.

Pocket Lands V3 (PLV3) location roll for 3,4
They encounter a stone quarry.

Is it abandoned?

What is the disposition of the people there?

As the twins travel on the road west, they spot a number of men and woman of different races walking as a group to a valley off the road. They follow them and see a large open cut mine. They recognise the local Broken Hill mine that provides Iron to the local communities. They decide to move on and before long need to set up camp for the night.

PLV3 Wild Rest roll
3: Nothing occurs

Day 57

The twins head south to 4,4

PLV1 Discovery/Biome roll
53 = Forest with road and river

SAT hostile encounter roll
98 = No encounter

PLV1 Contents roll
13 = Abbey

The following day the twins continue south on the road through forest. It’s a peaceful morning with no one on the roads. They comes across a temple. Inquiring inside they find it is an Abbey dedicated to Waukeen, a goddess of trade.

Are there any goods the pair would be interested in buying available?

The twins are interested by the prospect of trade but enquiring inside they find little of value and all at exorbitant prices. They continue on.

With the road, they’ll reach the north edge of 4,5 by nightfall.
PLV1 Discovery/Biome roll
53 = Forest with road and river
62 = Grassland with road and river

The forest clears and the twins find themselves back in grasslands.

PLV1 Contents Roll
15 = Town

OMGM Town Roll
Gnomish walled town named Blatch

Knowing Blanch is only a short way south, the pair press on.

DC10 Constituion Save
Dorin: 1 + 6 = Fail
Galrin: 3 + 3 = Fail

The pair arrive at Blatch absolutely exhausted. There they are allowed entry and head for the nearest inn.

Day 58

Are there any interesting items available for sale in Blatch?

The next day the twins wake up refreshed. They spend the morning looking for any items but give up once it reaches lunch time empty handed. They decide it is time to move on and head west.

PLV1 Biome
23 = Same terrain with road to west, water node NW

SAT hostile encounter roll
32 = No

PLV1 Contents roll
52 = Bad Weather

As nightfall comes, the pair find themselves sheltering down in their tent as a storm hits.

PLV1 Bad Weather
1 = Inclement weather

The twins bunker down in their tent but the howls of wind and rain keep them from having a proper sleep.

1 level of exhaustion
Western edge of 3,5

Day 59

Both rise feeling exhausted the next day. They know they are near their goal so they press on.

PLV1 Biome
24 = Swamp with road going east

Does the road extend along the shrine?

As the pair trudge on, they soon the road passes into swamp. Galrin knows this doesn’t match the land she saw in her vision but feels compelled to ensure this shrine is safe.

SAT hostile encounter roll
Upped to 50% likelihood
60 = No

The pair reach the shrine area in the late afternoon.

Is anyone around?
Yes, but
The twins aren’t aware of them

What is the unknown person’s disposition to the twins?

Is the shrine hidden?
Yes, but
Galrin is able to unerringly find it though she doesn’t know how

The twins follow the road until it’s end. Galrin assures Dorin the shrine is further west. She is not sure how but she can sense the direction of the shrine. They continue moving towards it.

Has the shrine been desecrated?
Yes, but
But what? Portent
Enchant, Impede, Wink
But the creatures that did it haven’t completed the ritual. It has a ticking clock. If the twins are able to defeat the Displacer beast that is protecting it, while exhausted, Galrin will be able to reverse the ritual and restore Tymora’s blessing.

The twins move unerringly towards the shrine.

Can Galrin sense anything wrong with it?
Arcana DC15 check
Disadvantage from L1 Exhaustion
14 & 18 + 3 = Success

As the pair get within 40 feet of the shrine, Galrin stops. She can sense something is very wrong about it. She doesn’t know what exactly. She thinks to cast Detect Magic but remembering the number of cultists in her vision, she decides not to. Instead she confers with her brother and they both use Disguise Self to make themselves appear as Beshaba cultists then attempt to sneak up.

Stealth check
Disadvantage from L1 Exhaustion
Dorin 16 & 14 + 5 = 19
Galrin 3 & 7 + 4 = 7

Is the Displacer Beast hidden? Likely
5 & 5 = Yes

Stealth check
19 + 2 = 21
Skipping Perception checks as Galrin has Weapon of Warning

As the pair enter a clearing in the swamp, Galrin can now see the shrine. There are blood splashes and other things on it she can’t see at this distance but the sense of wrongness radiates from it. She also senses something else. A nearby threat. Something trying to ambush them.

She stops and puts a hand to stop Dorin. Then she calls out “I know you’re here. You know why I’m here. To do our lady’s bidding. Show yourself.”

Does the Displacer Beast attack? Likely
No, but…
It continues to watch them

There is no response so carefully, Galrin and Dorin continue forward to the shrine. Now Galrin can see the arcane symbols as she did from her dream. This is definitely the work of cultists.  Still sensing a nearby threat, Galrin casts Bless on her brother and self.

Does the spell trigger the Displacer Beast into action?

It is now curious as from it’s perspective it sees two more of the cultists that brought her here working on the shrine they summoned it to protect.

Galrin then receives an intuition that causes her to begin a chant.

She is unknowingly beginning her own counter ritual. This will trigger the Displacer into combat and though not “surprised” the Displacer Beast will target Galrin in the first round and have advantage with her preoccupation.

A beast roars and shimmers into existence from the trees and launches itself at Galrin. It’s tentacles and fangs wound her deeply, bloodying her in the first instance of battle.

Displacer beast launches itself at Galrin hitting her for 10 damage. Shield protects from another 10 damage.

Galrin maintains concentration on Bless

Dorin is able to hit it 3 times in return reducing it to near half health through Sentinel attack, Action Surge and Precision Strike.

Galrin casts Dissonant Whispers and the Displacer Beast fails taking 12 psychic damage

Displacer Beast must now flee Galrin who it is based with as well as Dorin

Dorin’s Trip Attack hits and the Displacer Beast fails the saving throw so is now prone while attempting to flee

Galrin’s swing hits as well and the beast is now critical with 7HP remaining

Dorin pursues it and crits to finish  the beast 😊

As the creature lays dead, Dorin returns to his sister. He confirms she is ok and stands guard as she resumes her ritual.

Are they disturbed before the ritual ends? Unlikely
3 & 2 = No

An hour later, an exhausted Galrin stops her chanting. Dorin turns to her and she nods.

“It is done. This place is returned to Tymora. We must rush back home and learn where the next shrine is. Hopefully that will be the one Tymora showed me. Still I feel she intended for us to find this one too. But now I need rest brother. Let us sleep.”

Is there rest disturbed? Unlikely
6 & 1 = NO! (Whew for the unlikely modifier)

They are able to rest and fully recover

Day 60

The next morning the pair depart the shrine but decide to take a different router heading north

Moving from 2,5 to 2,4
PLV1 Biome Roll
31 = Hills with road continuing west (Not applied as no connecting), water basin in SW, river SW to NE

PLV3 Location Roll
55 = Pilgrimage Place

Is it a wayside shrine to Lathandar?
4 = Yes, but
It is unattended and not maintained

As the pair head north, they enter hills. They encounter a small shrine to Lathandar that appears poorly maintained. They decide to take shelter in its shadow.

SAT Encounter Roll
Lower Likelihood (15%)
70 = No encounter

Day 61

The next morning the pair continue through the hills, they ford a river and continue more through hills.

Still in 2,4 as double difficult terrain caused by river and hills

SAT Encounter Roll
22 = Yes
5 = Deadly

KFC encounter generation
Orc Red Fang of Shargaas

As the pair are eating their meals after making camp, Galrin feels a warning from her enchanted blade. She calls out to Dorin just as a veiled figure comes charging in from the shadows.

Galrin casts Hex then misses with her Eldritch Blast

Dorin engages the attacker and strikes it twice with his blade, tripping it on the second attack

The orc casts Darkness and prepares an attack within the magical veil

Galrin hurls a blast to the last place she saw the attacker and is welcomed by the grun indicating it hit (Hit with disadvantage)

Orc fails DC 10 concentration check with a 2 on the die (2 + 2)

Dorin strikes out and cuts it deep

Enraged the creatures swings twice back at Dorin and bloodies him

Galrin runs forward flanking the creature then casts Dissonant Whispers

It makes the save and only takes 6 damage leave it on 1 HP

Dorin swings and decapitates their attacker

Is there anything on the orc indicating why it attacked them?
4 = Yes, but

Neither of them speak Orcish so don’t understand the note they find

Bloodied and breathing hard the pair search the body. They find a number of coins and a note written in an unknown language. In their tired state they discard the note with the body and set settle in for bed.

Day 62

PLV1 Biome for 3,4
36 = Same terrain, 3 point crossroad, basin and river

The next morning the twins find a road heading east. Following it they spot an inn but decide to skip it as the road provide them with an opportunity to make good time back to Daggerford.

SAT Encounter Roll
10 = Encounter
Difficulty Roll
6 = Deadly

KFC Encounter Generator
Phase Spider

Does fight take place before making camp?
6 = YES!

As the pair are crossing the bridge of 3,4 a massive shimmering spider appears out of nowhere and rushes at them.

Dorin engages the creature and cuts into it. It tries to strike him back but he evades.

Galrin engages and casts Dissonant Whispers but it is able to ignore her.

Dorin again hits the creature. The Phase Spider misses Galrin.

Galrin casts Dissonant Whispers again and kills the creature.

The pair then make camp for the night without incident.

Day 63

The next morning the pair leave the road and head east into the forest of 4,4.

Session End

Party ends in western sector of 4,4 at full health.

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