Galrin’s Saga S05


I am going to slowly be introducing new mechanics and changing others. For example I’m going to try and start keeping track of date and generating weather. In a couple weeks I’ll receive my Game Master Apprentice Cards which will cover numerous oracle and generator functions. PocketLands geomorph cards for map generation. Axebane’s Deck of Many Dungeons for dungeon generation. And other resources that I’ll add, take away and hack as I go trying to find my method for soloing.

Also trying out a new 1d6 encounter method for wilderness/overland travel.


Limiting all sectors to a single location now rather than 2. This is obviously subject to change but that’s how I’m doing it for this session.

Using weather system from Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox for now.

Rather than continuing to just count up days for marking time, I’ve decided to use the Forgotten Realm Harptos Calendar.

Roll to determine current date.
Year: d1000 (d10 + d100) = 660
Month: d12 = 4: Tarsakh
Day: d30 (d6+d10) = 1,4: 4th
Weather: 11 = Clear Skies

S04 Summary

  • Galrin’s vision shows cultists desecrating a shrine of Tymora
  • Vitani’s health restored by medicine
  • Galrin doesn’t know the location of the shrine but Shalim give her and Dorin the location of the closest and tells them she knows of two others
  • On way to closest shrine, twins find Gnomish town of Blatch
  • Reach shrine and battle a displacer beast
  • Galrin reconsecrates the shrine to Tymora
  • Twins travel back a different route and end up facing multiple Deadly encounters
  • Session ended with characters at the western edge of 4,4

4th Tarsakh 660

Clear Skies

  • Galrin and Dorin wake early and after a short breakfast are set resume their trek.

Encounter (1d6): 3 = Nothing

  • Moving through their way through the forest, the twins soon reach the road going north/south.

I want the twins to continue east through the forest to see if they discover any location in this region and to explore 5,4. Let’s find out why they do.

Portent: Praise, Sell, Wink
Do they encounter a travelling merchant? Yes

Does the merchant sell them a rumour about a location to the east (5,4)? Likely, Yes

Interpreting dungeon generation rolls to “A megalithic tomb built by a lost giant civilization. Limiting size to 8 rooms.

  • Travel through the forest is slow going for the twins but they press on.As they reach the road and look up, they can see it’s around 2:00pm.
  • Returning their eyes to the road and heading north, they meet an unctous potion merchant by the name of Felix Herbelot.
  • He tells them he can recognise them as adventurers and has just the deal for them.

Does he have anything beyond healing potions? NO!

  • He pulls out a healing potion and describes it as if it were able to regenerate limbs. He waffles going on describing it’s miraculous properties. Galrin asks to sip and test the brew. Felix refuses.

Galrin Persuasion Check: 1 + 6

  • Galrin tries to convince Felix to allow her to try it but he refuses.
  • The pair are about to move on when Felix offers them something else. For the small cost of 10GP, he’ll tell them where they might find a treasure.
  • They agree and hand over the gold. Felix tells them there are a number of megalithic standing stones to the to the east. Rumour says there is some sort of tomb beneath containing treasures beyond belief!
  • Skeptical, Galrin and Dorin choose to find na dmap the location on their way home.
  • The pair leave the road heading due east towards 5,4.
  • Night time comes as they are still in the forest.

Encounter: 2 = nothing

  • They sleep soundly without any issues

5th Tarsarkh 660


  • The pair set off early the next day , trudging through rain but resisting any delay heading east.

PLV1 Terrain: 56
Same terrain, road W to E, C to S, river SW to NE
Inserted location marker 12 at 5,4 from rumour
Encounter: 1 = nothing

  • The pair find a road leading to center of 5,4 but encounter nothing
  • They spot the giant stone indicating the location of the tomb but decide to continue on their way to Daggerford knowing they need to stop Tymora’s shrines from being desecrated

Encounter: 1 = nothing

  • Twins head north from 5,4 to 5,3
  • Reach southern edge and camp

Encounter: 4 = event
Random Event
Focus: NPC Negative
Subject: Lizard
Action: Collaborate

Is there a lizardfolk NPC? Likely: 2, 6 = YES!

Revolt, Wave, Astonish
Can’t think of anything with that, rerolling portent
Foretell, Queue, Blunder

  • As the twins are eating their meal before bed, a lizardfolk man named Sashetren wanders into their camp
  • He beseeches them for help saying he has foreseen a great catastrophe

Random roll of Forgotten Realms deities returned Myrkul, god of death.

  • Galrin recognises the white skull symbol of Myrkul, god of death on the man’s chain and readies herself in case he attacks

What is he seeking help with?
Portent: Smash, Gob, Aim

  • Beshaba’s cult have infiltrated that of Myrkul and are taking it over from within.
  • Myrkul is no friend of Tymora but this cleric seeks work with Galrin and the clergy of Tymora to contest Beshaba’s take over of Myrkul’s church
  • A bit weirded out by the situation the pair agree to take Sashetren to meetin Shamil back in Daggerford to consider his request
  • Sashetren hasn’t brought his own rations but the twins provide him with food. Their tent only houses two but Dorin offers his bedroll while he’ll make due with clothes.
  • The group sleeps for the night without further incident.

6th Tarsakh 660, 6:00AM

Rainy weather

  • The trio move north the next morning toward Daggerford

2 encounter rolls required due to fording a river costing an extra time interval.

Encounter: 6 = location. Already location in this sector so ignore. Note I am just starting the development of my mechanics/flow so this will likely change in the future.

Encounter: 5 = Hostile
Difficult: 1 = Medium

For the purposes of battle, not counting Sashetran as he will mysteriously disappear during combat. Going to up difficulty to Deadly.

KFC gives 2 Cult Fanatics

  • The trio are fording the river south of Daggerford when Galrin feels a shiver. She grabs Dolrin and suspecting a arrows flying leaps forward and down. Black flames descend from the sky. She is able to evade them but they do strike Dorin.

Galrin 16
Dorin 13
Cultists 4

Gave cultists a surprise round. Think I need to change Galrin’s rapier from weapon of warning to something else as surprise negation is fairly strong so early on.

Cultists cast Sacred Flames on twins. Galrin evades, Dorin hit for 8 radiant.

Galrin makes it across river, puts Hexblade’s Curse on Cultist 2 the crits with a 19 on the die for 12 force damage

Dorin hits Cultist 2 for max 14 damage

Cultist 2 is very bloodied

Cultist 1 casts Hold Person on Dorin but he makes the save with a 19 vs DC11

Cultist 2 also casts Hold Person on Dorin and he again makes the save with a repeated 19 vs DC11

Galrin casts Eldritch Blast but misses Cultist 2

Dorin cleaves through Cultist 2 with a 24 to hit for 7 damage

Panicking but a fervent fanatic, Cultist 1 casts Hold Person again on Dorin

Dorin fails the save with a wisdom saving throw of 8 vs DC11

Galrin sees her brother caught by some arcane spell so she rushes forward drawing her sword and shield then once engaged with the cultist whispers an arcane spell to send Dissonant Whispers into the Enemies mind

Cultist 1 fails it’s wisdom saving throw with a 9 vs DC14 and takes 9 psychic damage

Cultist 1 makes its’ DC10 concentration check on Hold Person then uses It’s reaction to run 30 feet’ away as per Dissonant Whispers

Galrin uses her reaction to make an attack of opportunity with her rapier and hits for 11 damage

Cultist 1 fails its’ DC10 concentration check and Doring restrained by Hold Person

Dorin charges up to the fanatic, swinging with his blade the enemy from should to spin with a max damage hit of 14

  • Just as the cultist falls, Sashatren reappears fussinf over the dead and performing some form of ritual
  • Inspecting them Galrin find Black Antlers indicating they were followers of Beshaba
  • She asks Sashatren why he disappeared, ho only tells her “My god does not have me deliver death, only serve death. Battle is not my purpose on this earth. Please let me complete my prayers.”.
  • Sometime later they prepare head north and reach Daggerford around 2:00PM.

End of session

Less happened this session due to testing new mechanics but overall I think it went well. While my narration of events is the same as about when I started, I’m finding it easier to at least have things happen. To ignore a portent and re-roll then just take the bits I like. Also just to apply logic or just what I think should happen. I still want to get more player focused and give the twins some personality, include some dialogue, role playing etc, but I think that stuff is still a ways down the road as I want to have systems in place to quickly and easily generate the world around my characters then be able to feel how they’d react to what comes up. That’s all for now folks 🙂


Here are some of the bits and pieces in the background of the adventure I thought I’d share for anyone interested.


1Daggerford* Hometown
2Dad’s Flophouse* Run by a Dragonborn called Dad
3Mine* Possibly abandoned but non-human tracks found out front
4Teleport* Don’t know where it goes so not touched
5Camp* Virani clan
6Glip Dak* Town run by hobgoblins
7Tymoran Wayside Shrine 1 
8Mine – Broken Hill* Provides iron to Daggerford and other settlements in the region
9Town – Blatch* Friendly town run by Gnomes
10Shrine – Lathandar* Abandoned wayside shrine
11Inn – ???* Inn spotted but not visited by twins
12Tomb* Giants

Adventure Crafter

Turning points so far
Character lists

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