Galrin’s Saga S06


In this session I decided to pull the trigger on switching from the Pocket Lands 1.1 to Pocket Lands 3. Pocket Lands 1.1 involves rolling to rolling for terrain in each square as you encounter it. It’s an elegant system in my opinion and was what lead to my beautifully rendered map shared in S05.

Pocket Lands 3 utilizes decks of geomorph cards with 5×5 squares per card. It also has a small set of exploration rules which I’ll hack as I go to suit my game. I really like the use of d6 rolls for most operations and think it could plug in quite well with Tiny Dungeons 2E if I ever get around to trying it out.

So with the change of mapping system I need to nuke the map I developed over the past 5 sessions and start over. While I’m still waiting on the physical cards to arrive, I also bought the PDF and will use them to digitally map as I go. There’s no VTT option at this stage so expect to see the presentation of the maps change as I work out the best way to manage this. Also my travel rules are still fluid but I should be able to manage a persistent map from here on out even if the looks change as time goes on.

Moving forward, I need an event to send Galrin and Dorin to another continent they don’t know of. It’s going to be a one way trip. As I am also waiting to receive ordered GameMaster’s Apprentice secks to serve as an Oracle in the future. To ease the transition, I’m going to use James Turner’s excellent app which combines the GMA system with a few other tools.

I’m also nuking my The Adventure Crafter lists in favour. While I know TAC is a great system, I want to reduce my book keeping and overhead. I’ll keep basic plot and character lists in the style of Mythic or MUNE. With the twins moving to a new world, they’ll end up pretty clean.

 To allow me to get to playing sooner, I’m going to do a combination of rolling and interpretation  to get the twins to the new land. Let’s get started;

Random Event from Jim’s GM Tool (JGMT)
Focus: Remote Event
Action: Oppose
Subject: Evil

While the twins were away, Beshaba’s cultists attacked the Tymoran shrine in Daggerford where Vitani and Shamil were staying.

Did Vitani survive?

Did Shamil survive?

Was the attack isolated to the shrine?

Rolling a d6 to determine extent of attack.

Were the cultists forces bolstered by mercenaries?

Rolling a d6 to determine how many days ago did the attack take place?

While the twins were trekking to and from the Tymoran wayshrine, a force of several dozen well-armed mercenaries executed a raid on Daggerford. The Tymora’s temple was clearly targeted by the amount of time the raiders spent defacing the place. Anyone entering the building gets an eerie feeling of dread.

Two days later the twins return home. They learn of the raid and their mother’s murder in it. Sashatren again disappears seeing possible threat but this time does not come back. They find Shamil on her death bed. She tells them has only held on as she had a premonition from Tymora  to pass on. Galrin must journey through the teleport west of Daggerford. It will take the twins to a land unknown to Shamil.

There they must seek out a cleric named Alina Roxley in a city called Tula. The teleporter will take her close but with Beshaba’s influence corrupting the same threads of the weave that Tymora uses, Shamil cannot be sure where exactly they will arrive.

Galrin and Dorin swear to have there vengence on the cult for their mother and Daggerford. Shamil convinces them that following Tymora’s instruction is the greatest way to ultimately achieve this. They set out soon after the funeral.

Rolling a d6 to determine how many days since last journal entry they arrive in the new place.

10th Tarsakh 660, 2:00PM

Using to get the common name of the continent the twins will arrive on.
Uchon, pronounced Yoo-Con.

I don’t have my geomorph decks just yet so will roll to determine cards until they arrive.
D4 to determine if starting with Marshes or Kingdoms deck. 1-2 Marshes, 3-4 Kingdom.
2 starting in the Marshes so travel will be slower and potentially harder

D10 roll to determine which of the 9 cards  on first page of PDF the twins start on
2d6 roll to determine which square on the card the heroes land on.
Starting with top, left square as 1, 1. First die is for west to east (left to right). Second die is for north to south (top to bottom.
5, 4
Ok we’re starting in a Dead forest.

Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox Weather Roll
D20: 11 in Spring = Clear Skies

Encounter Check
PL3 and SAT each have their own travel rules. I’m going to take pieces from both and resources to make something that fits me as I go. Here’s what the initial table looks like right now.

4Random Event
5Hostile Encounter

Encounter Check
D6: 6 = 6 Discovery
I’m still to create my follow on tables so I’m going to use PL3’s for this.
2d6: 52 = Traveling Blacksmith

A traveling blacksmith in a dead forest in a swamp doesn’t make too much sense to me so I’m going to say it’s a traveling merchant selling general goods for a vale up to 50gp.

Does he have a horse?

Does he have any porters?
Hmm so he’s a travelling merchant carrying his own goods so it must be a pretty limited supply.

Is he lost?
Yes + Event

Random Event
Focus: NPC positive
Action: Move
Subject: Status quo
The twins are going to help our lost merchant find his way home

Rolling NPC using Portrait using

Fablen Rofferton
Race: Gnome
Height: 3’6″
Age: 140 (settled adult)
Gender: Male
Motive: Obligation to a head of a State
Alignment: Lawful good
Social standing: Commoner
Occupation: Herbalist
Personality: Obstinate
Languages: Common; Gnomish

Fablen is lost. He doesn’t know when it happened. He doesn’t know how it happened. He’s not even sure how long he’s been lost. He was just out in the swamp collecting herbs to take home and brew into medicine. He tends to lose himself in the things he loves to do. But never like this in the middle of nowhere.

He’s scared. The sky above the swamp is clear but for how long. How far is he from home. Where the hell is he? He starts heading what he hopes is home when he sees a bright flash.

At this stage I realise I am going down writer road when I’m a player. I’m going to revert to my normal short hand keeping things abstract so well… SO I can play 🙂

  • The twins pop back into existence at ground level
  • They find themselves in a swamp
  • They hear a cry of surprise then look down and see a gnome only a few feet away
  • Once both parties realise there are no hostile intentions they introduce one another
  • The twins ask if Fablen knows where Tula is

Does Fablen know where Tula is? Likely as it’s a city

Is Fablen from Tula?

Rolling a d12 to determine how many squares from where they exit the swamp, that Tula is.

Rolling d8 to determine direction
d8: 3 = East

  • Fablen tells them yes he knows Tula. He lives there. He doesn’t know where in the cursed swamp they are but it’s about 2 days east of the swamp. If they can help him find his way out of the swamp, he’ll lead them to Tula.
  • The Twins agree and try to take bearings from the sun to find east.

Survival Check DC15
Galrin: 11 + 1 (Guidance) + 1 = 13
Dorin: 18 + 2 = 20

  • The twins put their heads together trying to figure out which direction is east.
  • Dorin works it out and the trio head in that direction.

I’m going to say the party still has 4 hours of travel which is just enough to try and find their way out of the square they are in heading west. Let’s see where they end up for the night.

PL3 roll to determine what terrain type for next card.
1d6: 1 = 1 Bog <sad face>
There are 10 bog cards in the deck. 1d10 roll to determine which in order or appearance in the PDF is drawn.
d10: 8
Selecting the card and tracking the movement here we are

Note the symbol in the center of card 157. That indicates a location. At this stage I’m going to say they are settlements.

The group has traveled as far as they can for the day. Dorin gives Fablen a ration and the three settle down for the night.

Are they able to find a secure camp site?
DC15 Survival Check
Dorin: 17 + 2 = 19

  • The dead forest weighed heavily upon the trio. They were happy to leave it but not by much as they found themselves wading into the dirty waters of bogland. As night descends, Dorin manages to find patch of dry earth that appears well hidden. The group sets in for a night’s rest.

PL3 Rest roll. Because they found a secure campsite, I’m going to say a negative event only occurs on a 1 rather than the normal 1-2.
1d6: 1 Trouble encountered
Just what that is I’ll work out next session


Not too much play had in this session. It was more about trying to move the characters and narrative to a new area so I could use the Pocket Lands cards. Figuring out how to extract the images from the PDF to build my map as I explore proved time consuming. Likely to take another session or two to get into an efficient workflow or will bit the bullet and extract them all at once between sessions. I did ask the author if he’ll be selling the cards in VTT form. He hadn’t thought of it but is considering. Fingers crossed as it would save a lot of time.

I also nuked the character and plot lists. While I have carried the main characters and current main plot over, there were bits dropped in transition. I won’t be including them every session but after sharing them in S05 then resetting everything, I feel I should. Here’s what those lists currently look like now.

Character List

GalrinProtagonist Warlock of Tymora
DorinProtagonist Fighter Twin brother of Galrin
Alina RoxleyPriestess of Tymora Located in Tula

Minor Character List

Fablen RoffertonTravelling herbalist merchant encountered in swamp
SashatrenCleric of Myrkul, God of Death


Pact with TymoraGalrin has become a warlock sworn to Tymora
Beshaba’s feud with TymoraBeshaba has been desecrating shrines dedicated to Tymora

Minor Plots

Myrkul cult infiltrationSashatren has asked Galrin for help against Beshaba infiltrating Myrkul’s cult

Resolved Plots

Vitani’s HealthVitani was growing frail Twins purchased medicine to restore some health Vitani was murdered by Beshaba cultists during a raid on Daggerford

OK that is all for now. I’m now caught up between play and posting so it will be longer waits between posts. If you’ve enjoyed it so far, then I am confident it will be worth the wait as I continue to refine my play style. Take care.

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