Galrin’s Saga S07


That rarest confluence of events has occurred. I have the time and energy for a solo game. I’ve been missing the opportunity to see what happens next for Dorin and Galrin even while sitting in a couple suboptimal group sessions. Anyway the stars have aligned. I’m here are ready to play.

As always nothing but past events are set in stone. Story and world generation mechanics will continue to evolve but this session I’m aiming for more play. Let’s get to the previous summary.

S06 Summary

  • The twins enter Daggerford to find the town has been raided
  • The shrine was targeted
  • Vitani was killed in the raid and Shamil
  • Shamil is dying as she tells the twins they must enter the teleporter to visit a far off land
  • There they must find Alina Roxley in the city of Tula
  • The twins enter the teleporter and find themselves dropped into a swamp
  • There they Fablen Rofferton, a gnome lost in the swamp
  • He needs there help to find his way east out of the swamp then he can lead them to Tula

10th Tarsakh 660 (continued)

At the end of the last session I rolled a 1 on a PL Rest in the Wild check (Need to rename that) which indicated something bad happened. I codified a system for dealing with these events yet. PL3 states that “something bad happened” and the die roll result becomes how much travel the heroes have the next day. SAT has a “What wakes you?” d100 table. Not being able to quickly think of something myself, I’m going to roll to see which system I use.

1d4: 2 = 2 PL system.
Something bad happened during the night that makes resting difficult. The whole party has contracted some mild illness from the air in the place. Effectively the poisoned condition. For reference, a poisoned creature has disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks. Movement for the next day will be restricted to 2 hours before illness forces them to stop.

11th Tarsakh 660

  • The next morning the trio wake up feeling a little groggy but determined to get out of the swamp and the immediate bog they find themselves in. However after only 2 hours of travel they find they collectively are unable to continue on. They just feel exhausted and cannot go on. They search around for a place to lay up and recover.

Survival Check DC15
Dorin: 15,29 + 2 = 17
Galrin: 7,16 + 1 = 8

  • Dorin finds a suitable place and the group begins making camp.

As it’s still daylight and the entire adventuring day is going to take place at this location, I’m rolling an Encounter Check as per the table outlined in previous session.

1d6: 5 = 5 Hostile Encounter
Hostile Encounter Check
1d6: 2 = Hard


I’ve now slanted my Hostile Encounter table to be more difficult as rather than have every day be filled with many encounters, I’d rather fewer combats but each being more resource consuming. We’ll see how this balances out.

KFC hard encounter in swamp
3 Crushing Wave Reaver
Eeeek! A hard encounter while poisoned. At this point I’m also switching the enchantment on Galrin’s rapier from Weapon of Warning to standard +1. Cutting all possibility of surprise feels like I’m cheating.

Ok there are 3 remaining blocks of travel time during the adventuring day. Rolling to determine which period this attack happens.

1d6: 1 = Not long after they camp
The reavers are going to try and surprise them. I’ll roll once for their stealth.
1d20: 6 + 4 = 10

Normally this would easily be detected by either of the twins but in their pseudo poisoned condition, their passive perception has a -5 modifier. The Reavers successfully surprise the party.

We’re gonna die :(..

Galrin: 10, 14 + 4 = 14
Dorin: 16, 17 + 3 = 19
Fablen: 1, 12 + 0 = 1
Reavers: 1 + 2 = 3

For brevity I’ll only note mechanical aspects of the combat.

Round 1
Dorin: Surprised

Galrin: Surprised
Reaver 1: Misses Dorin
Reaver 2: 1d4 to determine if attacking Dorin or Fablen: 2 = Dorin. Misses Dorin
Reaver 3: 1d4 to determine if attacking Galren or Fablen: 2 = Galrin. Misses Galrin
Reaver 4: Galrin casts Shield to prevent hit
Fablen: Surprised

Round 2
Dorin: Misses Reaver 2
Galrin: Engages Reaver 2 then casts Dissonant Whispers on it. Reaver 2 makes the save and only takes a piddly 2 psychic damage (3d6: 1,1,2 | Halved because of successful wisdom save)
Reaver 1: Misses Dorin
Reaver 2: 1d6 to determine if attacking Dorin, Fablen or Galrin: 6 = Galrin. Misses Galrin
Reaver 3: 1d4 to determine if attacking Galren or Fablen: 1 = Galrin. Misses Galrin
Reaver 4: Galrin casts Shield to prevent hit
Fablen: Disengages and runs as far as his little gnomish legs will allow him (25ft)

Round 3
Dorin: Misses Reaver 2
Galrin: Casts Toll the Dead on Reaver 2 who fails the savings throw and takes 6 necrotic damage
Reaver 1: Misses Dori
Reaver 2: 1d4 to determine if attacking Dorin or Galrin: 1 = Dorin. Misses Dorin
Reaver 3: Misses Galrin
Reaver 4: Misses Galrin
Fablen: Keeps running then hides. Stealth Check 1d20: 17 + 0 =1. Effectively out of combat. At least someone got away.

Round 4
Dorin: Misses Reaver 2
Galrin: Casts Toll the Dead on Reaver 2 who fails the savings throw and takes 7 necrotic damage. Now looking bloodied (7HP remaining)
Reaver 1: Misses Dorin
Reaver 2: Disengages and goes after Fablen
Reaver 3: Misses Galrin
Reaver 4: Misses Galrin

Round 5
Dorin: Misses Reaver 1
Galrin: Casts Toll the Dead on Reaver 2 who fails the savings throw and takes 3 necrotic damage. Now looking critical (4HP remaining)
Reaver 1: 1d4 to determine if attacking Dorin or Galrin: 3= Galrin. Crits Galrin for 12 slashing damage.
Reaver 2: 1d4 for if continues pursuing Fablen or turns and starts slinging javelins at Galrin who has nearly killed him. 1d4 = Continues chasing Fablen. Get’s into Fablens range and needs an active Investigation check to find him, DC17. Fails.
Reaver 3: Galrin casts Shield to prevent hit
Reaver 4: Misses Galrin

Round 6
Dorin: Crits Reaver 1 for 18 piercing damage and tries to trip the reaver. The reaver is able to keep it’s feet. Dorin Action Surges and cuts down Reaver 1.
Galrin: Misses Reaver 3
Reaver 2: Investigation check to find Fablen fails.
Reaver 3: Crits Dorin for 12 slashing damage
Reaver 4: Misses Galrin

Round 7
Dorin: Hits Reaver 3 for 10 slashing damage
Galrin: Casts Toll the Dead on Reaver 2. Reaver 2 fails the saving throw and takes 10 necrotic damage. Falls to the floor and dies moaning to his last.
Reaver 3: Misses Dorin
Reaver 4: Misses Galrin

Round 8
Dorin: Hits Reaver 3 for 8 slashing damage. He is now severely bloodied.
Galrin: Casts Toll the Dead on Reaver 3. Reaver 3 fails the saving throw and takes 1 necrotic damage.
Reaver 3: Impromptu Morale check. On a 5 or 6 he’s going to flee. 1d6: 1 = 1 Stays. Hit on Galrin blocked by Shield. Galrin has no further spell slots.
Reaver 4: Misses Galrin

Round 9
Dorin: Cuts down the bloodied Reaver 3 then flanks Reaver 4.
Galrin: Sick, tired and not wanting to kills someone she doesn’t have to, Galrin attempts an Intimidation check on Reaver 4. 1d20: 2, 5 + 6 = 8. Fails.
Reaver 4: Impromptu Morale check. On a 5 or 6 he’s going to flee. 1d6: 6 = Flees. Dorin takes advantage and attempts his Sentinel attack. Hits for 10 slashing damage and attempts to trip but fails. Reaver 4 then hits Dorin for 6 slashing.

Round 9
Dorin: As Dorin swings, Galrin calls out telling him to try to capture the bandit. They need a guide out of the swamp. Dorin misses.
Galrin: Again attempts to Intimidate. 1d20: 15, 6 + 6 = 12. Going to say that’s enough to register for the Reaver. In this situation it’s extremely unlikely he will survive if he continues to fight. He surrenders.

  • The twins take the Reaver’s weapons, tie him up and collect Fablen who was nearby hiding.
  • They try to question the Reaver.

Does he speak common? Likely

Were their force bog standard bandits?

Are there any others in the swamp?

Will he guide them out of the swamp in exchange for his freedom? Likely

  • Following their conversation, the group camps down, taking turns watch the bandit while resting and eating

PL Wild Rest Roll
Already secured a “safe” camp so trouble only on a 1
1d6 = 2 Nothing happens and the group is able to complete a long rest.

Party no longer affected by poison

12th Tarsakh 660

Normally when attempting to leave a bog square, PL would have you roll 1d6 and on a 1-2, get lost and wander into a random adjacent bog square. As they have the unnamed bandit who lives in the swamp, I’m going to say they can forego that as he navigates for them. He’s still tied up but their continuing east with him.

PL3 travel rules indicates it takes the entire travel day to get out of the bog. The party will find themselves back in regular old swampland. Lets see if they encounter anything along the way.

Encounter Check
1d6: 6 = Discovery

This is one of the hazy parts of my developing workflow. I’m going to use PL3’s tables in this instance. First to truncate things, rolling 1d4 to determine if it’s an “Encounter table” roll or “Location table” roll. 1d4: 4 = 4 Location. 2d6 (First d6 setting tens then second d6 setting units for 11-66 result table): 11 = Camp Site

Is it inhabited?

Is it the bandit’s campsite?

Is it at the end of the travel day?

  • As the group are moving through the swamp they come across an abandoned camp. They decide to have a brief look around.

DC15 Investigation Check to possibly find something.
Dorin: 13 + 0 = 13
Galrin: 15 + 3 = 18

Is there anything to be found? Unlikely

The twins and Fablen do a quick search but appears this place has been picked clean.

They continue moving and as night falls, find themselves on the western side of a river flowing north to south. They set up camp for the night and again continue to keep the bandit tied up.

DC15 Survival Check for secure campsite
Dorin: 10
Galrin: 15

PL Wild Rest Check
1d6: 5 = Nothing happens

  • The group is able to camp for the night without incident

13th Tarsakh 660

Weather: Warm
Encounter Check
1d6: 2 = Nothing

  • The party ford the river and midafternoon reach a road cutting through the swamp.

Another encounter check for the new square (1,0:3,4)
1d6: 5 = Hostile Encounter
It’s my intention these won’t always be combats but for this session I’m going to say it is. It’s something I need to ponder how to implement.

Hostile Encounter Check: 3 = Hard
KFC Hard Encounter in swamp
2 x Half Ogres

What direction are the half ogres coming from?
1d8: 5 = South

As the group reach the road, they hear a terrible scream. A giant ugly creature the twins have never seen before comes charging at them.

Galrin stays back slinging spells while Dorin engages both the half ogres. He severely wounds one and and Eldritch Blast from Galrin kills it. Galrin burns the remaining half ogre to within an inch of its’ life. Dorin then applies the mercy strike to the now mewling creature. Searching the beasts after the fight they find 15 silver pieces.

With the road the group are able to push through for enough movement to reach (1,0:4,4) as night falls.

Encounter Check
1d3: 3 = Nothing
DC13 Survival Check for campsite (lowered due to road)
Dorin: 13
Galrin: 8

They find a campsite. The twins share rations and this time also give one to the bandit. However they now have less than a tenday’s left (19)

Wild Rest Check
1d6: 6 = Nothing
The group are able to camp without disturbance

14th Tarsakh 660

Weather: Warm

The group take the road heading east and make great time.

Encounter Check
1d6: 6 = Discovery
1d4 to determine if encounter or location: 1 = 1 PL encounter
63 = 63 Robed Monks

What are these monks doing here?
GMA Portent
Decrease, Tender, Monument

Are these Beshaban followers?

Are they seeking Galrin?

Do they attack from hiding?

The next morning the group are travelling east along the road when they see to robed and hooded figure travelling in the opposite direction. They try to call out while they are in hailing distance but the pair doesn’t respond. Then suddenly Galrin feels a force try to take hold of her as the priests attempt to cast Hold Person on her.

Galrin is ensorcelled as she fails the spell from the first priest. The second does the same to Dorin. Fablen and the bandit start running in the opposite direction hoping to escape the conflict. Both the priests send Magic Missiles at Galrin, bloodying her. The twins each fail their save again. 2 more enfilades of Magic Missiles strike the paralysed Galrin. Both fail their saves again. The next wave of Magic Missiles knocks out Galrin. The priest then sends missiles at Dorin. Galrin succeeds on first death save. Dorin makes his saving throw to get out of Hold Person. Next round a priest casts it again on him and the other sends its’ final 1st level Magic Missile at him. He makes the saving throw again and Galdin succeeds on a second saving throw (All is not lost… yet). Priest 1 uses it’s final 2nd level spell slot to cast Hold Person on Dorin again. He makes the save but when the second priest does the same, he fails. He fails the save on his turn as well. Galrin fails a death saving throw (2 successes, 1 fail). Out of 1st and 2nd level spell slots, Priest 1 is going to cast Magic Missiles at third level at Dorin. 20 damage and he is now badly bloodied. Priest 2 uses its’ last 2nd level spell slot to do the same but gets a much lower damage roll.

Dorin fails the saving throw and is still under Hold Person. Galrin gains a second failed saving throw.

Are Fablen or the thief going to try to help at all? Things are desperate. Unlikely.

They are so far gone by now they don’t even know what’s happening. Gone in opposite directions. Fablen just praying to survive. The unnamed bandit trying to free his hands and hide. They will not save the day.

Priest 1 uses his only remaining spell slot, 3rd level, to cast Magic Missile. Max damage. The 15 resulting damage is more than enough to put Dorin down.

Do the priests intend to kill the twins?

Priest 2 uses his last spell slot to 3 magic missiles into Dorin and 2 into Galrin. This is enough to force both past death saves into actual death.

The priests silently walk over to the corpses. They start stripping the valuables and gear. These will serve them well as they serve their dark lady. Once stripped they mutilate the corpses in a dark ritual intended to capture the souls as playthings for Beshaba.

Thus ends the story of Galrin’s Saga :(..


Well that did not go as expected. I was really looking forward to getting out of the swamp and seeing the world. Beshaba seems to have influenced the travel and combat rolls this session. But I had fun. I enjoyed playing out the story. I didn’t pull any punches and this is the way the cookie crumbled. It’s game over for Galrin and Dorin but not for my Actual Plays. Stay tuned.

Switching gears, I found documenting the first combat was a bit of a drag. Unless there’s expressed interest in including that level of detail in the future, I think I’ll summarize events or simply state outcomes as happened with the half ogre and robed monk combat. For that first combat I didn’t realise till after the session that battle was only meant to be against three reavers not four. Also the battle against the two priests was well over the Hard threshold, into Deadly. But such is the way things go some times.

Well see you next time đŸ™‚

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