Legend of Paran S00


  • Set in a Forgotten Realms adjacent world.
  • Two main characters.
  • Paran
    • Young High Elf male
    • Bladesinger
    • Sole remaining heir of the Evermeet monarchy
  • Ronin
    • Middle aged Elf male
    • Eldritch Knight
    • Sworn protector Evermeet protector
  • Ronin smuggled baby Paran out of Evermeet during a demonic invasion 35 years ago
  • Rest of the royal family killed during the demonic invasion and in the aftermath when certain members of the Evermeet Royal Council secretly arranged their assassination to secure their rule of the elfish people
  • Ronin moved Paran around the globe to escape assassins
  • Most recently came to the continent of Ithica
  • Ronin has revealed Paran’s linage to him
  • Paran has agreed to Ronin’s plan for him to develop his powers as a wizard and renown as a hero. When he is ready he will declare himself and stake his claim for Evermeet’s throne
  • Paran and Ronin have amulets that protect them from detection from their enemies divination magics
  • Demons also pursue Paran to prevent the threat a restored Evermeet monarchy presents




  • Game Master’s Apprentice cards
  • Mythic Event Focus table for framing Random Events then GMA cards to provide verb, noun and adjective

Map generation

  • Pocket Lands geomorph cards for wilderness generation
  • Axebane’s Deck of Many Dungeons for dungeon generation
  • Urban environments generated using online tools but not mapped at this stage


  • Characters can travel 8 hours per day without issue.
    • Each additional hour of travel requires a Constitution Saving Throw to avoid Exhaustion.
    • Each additional hour of travel increases the DC. Initial DC set terrain.
  • Standard terrain can be traversed at 3 miles per hour.
  • Map squares are 6 miles across.
  • For every 2 hours of travel, roll an encounter check
  • If an encounter occurs, resolve the event within the story.

Encounter Check

8Random Event
9Neutral Encounter
10Hostile Encounter

Generate a Random Event using preferred mechanism.

Neutral Encounter

Roll an encounter on the wilderness or sea Neutral Encounter table.

Hostile Encounter

Roll the Hostile Encounter Difficulty using the table below. Next generate an encounter using preferred mechanism.



  • Characters starting at level 3
  • Epic Array 18/16/16/14/14/12 (After racials)
  • Starting Feat
    • Paran: Warcaster
    • Ronin: Sentinel
  • Personality
    • Paran: Earnest, humble, cheerful, na├»ve
    • Ronin: Stoic, cautious, serious, few words, voice of reason

Ok that’s the wrap up for session 0. I’m eager to start playing this campaign so likely will compile a few mini sessions into session 1. Until next time, take care.

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