Legend of Paran S01


In Session 0, we defined who our heroes are. Before they can set out on their journey, we need to know where they are.

Paran and Ronin start on a continent named Ithica. Ithica has no nations, only settlements. The story will open with them in the port city they enter Ithica from. The town’s basics are:

Name: Drasnia
City type: Large city
Age: Long established
Government: Monarchy
Notes: A major trading center for Ithica continent
I may create a town map later but for now, it’s not needed.

For record keeping purposes, I will generate a date track the days from. The year is 1514, 35 years after the council has assumed power in Evermeet. Rolling to determine date:

1d12 for month. 7 = Flamerule
1d6 for tenday (week). 6 = Third tenday
1d10 for day. 2 = Second day of the tenday.
2d12 for time of day. 17 = 17 5:00PM.
It is 5:00PM, 22nd Flamerule, 1514.

Next, before we can adventure, I want to have an idea of where Drasnia is on my “world map”. To do so I am drawing a card from the Pocket Lands Road deck, and marking Drasnia’s location on an existing point of interest marker.

To make sense of location references in the future, I will explain how I plan use coordinates. The basic idea is a pair of number separated by a comma to represent the what map tile, a colon, then two more number separated by a comma to represent the sector on the map tile. The numbers for each coordinate section are ordered left to right, then top to bottom.

For this first world map tile, it will be 0,0. Looking at Drasnia’s location on the map, it’s coordinates are 0,0:2,3. The mountain to the north east of Drasnia would be 0,0:4,2. I hope that makes things clear.

And I think that’s enough to frame things so we can start rolling for adventure.

22nd Flamerule, 1514


I’ve already established Paran is actively seeking opportunities to grow his power and renown. So he’s looking for a quest. It’s 5:00 PM in the afternoon. Where is he headed? Let’s find out using the DMG Random buildings tables.

1d20: 9 = Residence
What kind of residence?
1d20: 10 = Upper-class home
Does he know the person who’s home he is visiting? Yes
Who is he visiting? Using DM Heroes to generate an NPC

Bennet Willowrush
male halfling carman – All will be well.

140 years old (old)
3′8″ (112cm)
Normal voice
Ends all sentences with inflection?

Is sad because of a dream.
Dyes their hair.
Faints at the sight of blood.

Has inherited a manor that is full of monsters.
Is obsessed with Pipo Blackwater

Prays to Urogalan, god of earth (LN)

Ok so Paran and Ronin are responding to a job advertised by Bennet to clear out a large country manor he has inherited. I’m going to say this is a dungeon so let’s use some DMG tables to get some details.

Dungeon Location (D100): 33 = In a chasm. I’m going to interpret as being in a valley.

I’m going to use the Dungeon Creator table to determine who currently lives there.
Dungeon Creator (D20): 3 = Cult or Religious Group
Rolling on Cult or Religious Group table (D20): 10 = Elemental Water Cult
Hmmm so why have this cult taken over the manor?
GMA: Deviate, Religious, Wreckage
So a water cult discovered a water spirit of some form in the valley. The spirit is corrupted but the cult did not know this. They’ve now turned dark under the spirit’s influence. They killed the family and workers living on the manor estate and now are converting the manor into a temple.

1d6 roll to determine how much of this Bennet knows.
1d6: 2 = He doesn’t know much. He received notice from his father on the estate that strangers were moving through the valley estate and wouldn’t move on. Next he received notification that a tax collector with guards had been chased off the estate by hooded figures brandishing weapons. As they fled they saw evidence of mass slaughter of the workers. While the corpses of Bennet’s family were not seen, it is assumed they are all dead. The property has been legally transferred to him. He wants to go there to try to find his family.

So it’s the evening and Paran and Ronin are strolling through one of the upper-class neighbourhoods of Drasnia on there way to Bennet Willowrush’s residence, to follow up a job advertisement they’ve found. We’ll say they heard rumour of the job in their tavern connected in their inn. Let’s roll to see if anything happens on the way there.

Encounter Check:
1d10: 10 = Hostile Encounter
Hostile Encounter Check:
1d6: 2 = Medium
KFC Medium Ecounter: 1 Kenku, 1 thug

Why are they attacking the heroes?
Defenestrate, Immaculate, Companion

In a bar fight a few nights back, Ronin threw the peacock like Kenku out of a window. The Kenku and his friend have been plotting there revenge since.

Group Stealth Check for the ambushers: 15. Beats both Passive Perceptions for heroes. Ambushers manage to knock Paran out before focusing on Ronin. As the Kenku snickers over Paran, Ronin cuts it down. Ronin then faces down and defeats the Thug one on one. Frantically he checks on Paran and is relieved to find him stabilised.

Priorities have changed. He needs to find healing and a place for Paran to rest. Ronin leaves the ambusher corpses where they lay, gathers up Jardrin’s unconscious body then heads runs back into a main thoroughfare seeking a guard who might be able to help him find a healer.

As it’s a big city and they’re in an upper class neighbourhood, I’m going to say then can find a guard.

Is there a nearby healer?
The nearest healer is over an hours travel by foot carrying Paran so will have to roll another encounter check on the way.

Let’s find out what the nearest healer is like.
Is it a magic healer?

Are they associated with a temple?
It is a temple devoted to Ilmater, a god who is strongly associated with the healing domain.

So Ronin finds a guard who tells him that all the doctors and healers in the district have their offices in the market district. The closest place he knows there will be a healer is at the Ilmater temple. He gives him instructions on how to reach it.


Encounter Check: Nothing <phew>

Ronin reaches the temple. There he meets an acolyte. Ronin explains what happened and the priest ushers him into the temple.

Is there any significant clerics present? Likely
Let’s find out who that is.
Generating a cleric via online generators.

Dedrick Oakenheart
Male half-elf cleric – Ilmater guides…

86 years old (old)
5″6 (167cm)
Quiet kind voice

Always walks into furniture.
Forgets what they are talking about.
Squints a lot.

Asks the party to bring back a stolen item.
Has heard rumours of a nearby orc camp.

Prays to Ilmater, god of endurance (LG)

Does Dedrick ask for any payment in return for the healing? Likely

Dedrick asks for more than Ronin and Paran have to spare. After some negotiation, Ronin promises that Paran and he will perform a service for the temple to repay them for the healing many times over. Dedrick agrees. He tells Ronin they will need to stay the night in the temple while he heals Paran. The next morning he will discuss the service they will perform in return.

That was a close call. Paran went down from a pair city hoodlums who attacked the pair on the way to what I thought would be their first quest. Instead they’ll now receive a mission from Dedrick who has an item that needs to be retrieved. Before the next day starts, let’s work out what the item is and where it is. I’m going to say it’s a dungeon of some sort.

Location: In a gorge
Type: Mine
Dominant Creature Type: Dwarves
What kind of item is it?
Decrease, Precise, Illness
How far away? I’m going to say it’s in hills to the east. But how far? I’ll say in the first hills encountered to the east not on this card.

Combining everything: A relic (Periapt of Health) that once belonged to the temple was stolen years ago. Divination magic has located it in a mine to the east. Previous adventurers who tried to retrieve the item were didn’t return. Speaking with their ghosts found they were killed by Duegar while exploring the mine. None others have since tried.

23rd Flamerule, 1514

8:00 AM

Paran awakens in a bed in fine health. He finds Ronin. Learns what happened and what they’ve committed to. Paran is excited by the prospect. They meet Dedrick who fills them in on the details outlined above. Knowing what dangers previous attempts encountered, he provides them with a healing potion each and directions. They buy rations from a nearby store and head to the gate to leave.

One encounter check on their way out of the city. Random Event.
Focus: Remote event
Action: Activity
Subject: Home
Something has happened with Bennet’s Manor House. What happened?
Release, distant, investment
Bennet has sold his share in the house.

Party reaches the gate of Drasnia and sets off east. After his recent experience with the ambushers, Paran is casting Mage Armor each morning as he leaves his room.

10:00 AM

As they are following a road, travel only takes 1 hour to move through a square regardless off terrain. They reach 4,3 when the first Encounter Check occurs. It’s a 10 so Hostile Encounter. Difficult roll is a 5 so deadly encounter. I’m not going to tie this encounter to a thread so straight KFC encounter generation for forest terrain. 1 Water Weird.  This is interesting as it could relate to the Water Cult taking over Bennet’s manor. Water Weird’s are meant to die if they leave their body of water so yeah something very bad is happening at the manor.

Does it try to surprise them? Yes

Does it have a pool of water to be invisible when it does so? No. So a straight roll. 5. Noticed by both heroes passive perception. How far away when they notice it? 7 = 7 35 feet.

As Paran and Ronin are walking East, they hear movement in the nearby forest. A Water Weird bursts forth and attacks Paran. He dodges the attack and strikes it with Booming Blade before darting back. Ronin strikes it then also dashes back to force it to come to him. It steps forward and is struck with lightning. Hurt but still seeking death it strikes at Ronin and constricts him. Paran strikes it again dealing a strong blow. Ronin breaks out of the creatures grasp. The Weird attempts to Constrict Ronin again but he evades it. Paran and Ronin both strike it and step back. Ronin recovers all health with a max roll on Second Wind. The Weird pursues Paran triggering Booming Blade nearly killing itself before it strikes at Paran. He just manages to evade it’s grasp through Shield (AC 25 vc 24 to hit [13 base from mage armor + 3 from DEX + 4 from Bladesong + 5 from Shield). Paran then strikes the creature down.

Following the battle they talk about what that was.

Do either of them know what a Water Weird is? NO!

They’ve no idea what is was. They don’t know if it’s native to this land, sent by the council wizard or something else.

Do they find any water or other signs? Going to say unlikely because of previous result. Yes

They find spot some black water looking substance. As they get close they notice the scent of acid. Stepping away from a short while, they converse and Paran offers to ritually cast Detect Magic to work out what it is. He does so and learns there is magic associated with the substance. A strange combination of Conjuration and Necromancy. A corruption he hasn’t encountered before. They decide to move on soon after.

11:00 AM

An hour later the pair reach 0,0:5,3. They need to continue moving east so I need to draw another map card/tile. Using Pocket Lands roll we’ll roll a d6 to see what terrain type based on those on the side that the characters are leaving. On a 6 however, It’s a wild card by PL rules. For now I’ll just re-roll as want a little consistency in land around Drasnia.

Rolled a 6 so re-rolling. Reroll: 2 = Deeps which just doesn’t work in the context. So I’m just going to pick another Road card. Ok got card 3. I’ve gone ahead and marked the mine (02) on the nearest hills which is where they’ll land.

12:00 PM

Another hour later, the roads continue into the hills. Time for an encounter check to see if anything happens before they reach the mine. 2 so nothing happens.

Are there any guards to the mine entrance? Likely. No

They find the seemingly abandoned mine entrance. They know from the information they received from Dedrick that it is not abandoned so they’ll proceed ahead with Stealth.

Paran: 17
Ronin: 13 (D)

After some experimenting I’ve realised that I’ll be best off using my Wish dungeon generator method with PnP until my Axebane cards arrive. We’ll just have to wait and see how that turns out.


Start area is a 40×40 feet square guardroom, ceiling is partially collapsed with rubble strewn across the room

On the left wall is a Iron door, 5 feet wide
On the opposite wall is a Wooden door, 10 feet wide
Trapped, Spiked pit trap triggered by trip wire
DC8 Perception check to notice, DC10 Thieves’ Tools check to disarm
If triggered, make a DC13 Dexterity Saving Throw
Take 1d10 piercing damage on a fail
On the right wall is a 10 feet wide, 10 feet long passage
Deadly combat encounter in room
2 x Duergar

Ok so they are working their way down the main mine shaft when they come into a chamber which 2 Duergar are guarding. They sneak forward then once Ronin is within 30ft, Paran let’s fly a Firebolt. Ronin rushes in behind the firebolt. With Action Surge and a crit he is able to cut down one of the Duergar guards in the surprise. The other Duergar casts invisibility to escape the onslaught.

Does it take left door, opposite door or right passage?  1d6: 4 = Opposite Door

The pair hear the northside door open and close. At first they look to pursue but then decide to take it easy. They feel they must pursue in this direction before the guard alerts the all it’s compatriots.

They approach the door and notice a trip wire (Passive Perception). They decide to leave it in tack and open the door.

Beyond is a 5 feet wide passage continues straight 20 ft., side passage to the right, then an additional 10 ft. ahead
Medium combat encounter in passage

Is it the Duergar from before? Likely. Yes


The pair enter the passage and head up the passage way when Ronin hears a steel strike the wall beside his head. The Duergar they were pursing become visible before them. It then begins to grow into a large creature. It is a short fight where the enlarged creature fails to land a blow and Paran and Ronin lay into it with spell and sword. They check the corpse and find 3 gp but nothing else of value. They drag the creature’s corpse back to the main room and hide it with the other body under some debris.

The group then returns to the north passage and have a look down the right passage.


5 feet wide passage continues straight 20 ft., leading to a door
Easy combat encounter in passage

The pair look down the passage and see it leads to a closed door. They decide to take this passage way. As they move toward it a shadow separates itself from the wall and a Darkling attacks them. Paran sends a firebolt which distracts the creature long enough for Ronin to dispatch it.

They decide to leave the dead creature where it lay and move towards the door. Stone door, unlocked or trapped. They try to open it as carefully and quietly as they can but the stone door scrapes hard on the earthen floor making a clear sound.


Beyond the door is a 5 feet wide passage continues straight 20 ft., side passage to the right, then an additional 10 ft. ahead
There is loot in the passage
Is it coinage, junk, armaments or a point? 2 = Junk

As they move through the passage they spot what look like mining tools and such. Items too heavy to justify their meagre worth to retrieve. The pair decide to take the south passage.


5 feet wide passage continues straight 20 ft., door to the left, then an additional 10 ft. ahead
Hard combat encounter in passage

As they continue south, a Duergar carrying a flaming lance charges them. (Duergar Xarron). The creature spews fire that both mostly evade. The Duergar repeatedly spews fire at them (Rolled recharge on its fire breath ability 5 times straight) leaving the pair in critical condition by the time they were able to defeat it. Ronin wants it’s armor but knows they need to get out of there.

Thinking quick, Paran casts Rope Trick and the pair retreat into the pocket dimension of safety for a short rest.  (Note I’m giving maximum healing back from hit die and potions, etc to allow for longer engagements/expeditions before retreating).

After the hour is up, the pair return to the material plane feeling much relieved. They decide to pursue the south passage.


5 feet wide passage continues straight 20 ft. then turns to the left.


5 feet wide, 10 feet long passage leading to a room
20 x 20 feet square smithy, furniture is wrecked but still present
On the left wall is a 5 feet wide, 10 feet long passage
On the opposite wall is a 5 feet wide, 10 feet long passage
There is loot in the room
Is there plate armour which Ronin could use in here?
No. So there is no plate but there’s loot. Generate individual loot for the CR2
They find a small stash of platinum pieces (4) on a workbench. They quietly pocket them and move on.
Take the east passage.


5 feet wide passage continues straight 20 ft., comes to a dead end
Medium combat encounter in passage
Giant Spider
The pair are moving through the east passage when they realise it is a dead end. They turn to and come face to face with a Giant Spider that lunges at Paran. He evades the attack. They manage to cut down the spider without taking a hit. They then decide to return the room (R02) and take the north door.

R02 (2)

Returning to the main room they proceed to the north door.


Beyond is a 10 feet wide passage continues straight 20 ft., door to the left, then an additional 10 ft. ahead
Medium combat encounter in passage
Duergar Soulblade

As the pair open the door, they are confronted by a Duergar Soulblade coming from the other direction. Seeing them it screams. It grows to a Large creature and summons it’s soulblade. The creature rushes them but before it can land a strike, Paran hits with Booming Blade and Ronin dispatches the creature with a follow up cut from his longsword.

Searching the body they find 13 silver pieces.
They move north.


5 feet wide, 10 feet long passage leading to a room
There is loot in the passage
As they continue through they find 13 copper pieces and see the passage way leads to a room.


40 x 50 feet rectangle workshop, furniture is wrecked but still present
On the left wall is a 50 feet wide, 10 feet long passage
Does it appear the furniture was only recently wrecked? Yes
The pair enter a workshop strewn with broken furniture and tools. It appears that there was a recent struggle in the room. They decide to search the room for any clues as to what happened.

I’m going to say it’s been 2 hours in the dungeon by the time they finish searching so I’ll roll an encounter check. 4 = Nothing.

Do they find anything? Yes.
What is it?
Bargain, tender, relative
Is it a prisoner of the Duergar that is hiding in the wreckage? No.
I’m going to wrap this up as they find a little bit of loot. 19CP

The pair decide to start moving west through the passages previously explored (P03>P02>P01) Rolling a d10. On a 10, wandering monster. 9.


The pair take the north passage from P01.
5 feet wide, 10 feet long passage leading to a room
Hard combat encounter in passage
Duergar Stone Guard

As there is an open room right behind this passage way, I’m going to generate it as well in case there are reinforcements for the Duergar
40 x 50 feet rectangle guardroom, is in pristine state

On the right wall is a Stone door, 10 feet wide
Hard combat encounter in room
Ok combining this into a Deadly encounter.
The Duergar Stone Guard is replaced by a Duergar Screamer 8|

The pair move up the passage and enter a chamber. In the middle is a construct that immediately comes alive and attacks them. They manage to destroy it but not before it injures both of them. Ronin is able to recover naturally but Paran has to drink his potion of healing.

The proceed to the stone door on the west wall.
Beyond is a 10 feet wide passage continues straight 20 ft., then turns right.


Passage is trapped, Swinging iron bar trap triggered by trip wire
DC11 Perception check to notice, DC10 Thieves’ Tools check to disarmIf triggered, make a DC11 Dexterity Saving Throw
Take 4d10 bludgeoning damage on a fail and make a DC13 Dexterity Saving Throw
Take an additional 4d10 bludgeoning damage on a fail and apply the Prone condition
There is loot in the passage
Is the trap connected to the loot? Yes
What type of loot?
Strengthen, Ghostly, Game

I’m going to say there is a potion which has a clear thread attached to it if collected. The pair see this with their Passive Perception but want the potion. They both back up and Paran sends a firebolt at the thread. They see an iron bar swing across the passage way they previous stood then crash against the wall. They then collection the potion. Paran takes 10 minutes to identify the substance as a Potion of fire giant strength.


For mapping purposes I’m going to say this passage leads to a room.
30 x 20 feet rectangle barracks.
No exits.
There is loot in the room
Is the loot the Periapt the heroes are looking for? Unlikely: No
Being a barracks, I think it’s likely there are some armaments here. Is there any? Yes
Are there any enchanted armaments? Yes
Rolling 1d4-1 to determine number of items. 3 items 🙂
I’m going to say we get a rapier and longsword plus some form of armour. To not let things get too crazy weapon wise, both the weapons are +1.
Is the final item +1 plate? No.
Is it a shield? No
Is it Mithral Plate? Yes 🙂
Ok the Mithral Plate needs to be worked on by a smith to be fitted to Ronin. Weapons are immediately useable. Yay!

Ok the pair are heading back to R01. Rolling d10 for wandering monsters. No encounter.
Reach R01 and check the eastern passage. Find it leads to a dead end. Return to R01 and try the western door.
Stealthily try to open the door. 10. Lets see what’s beyond the door.


Beyond is a 40 x 50 feet rectangle trophy room, contents mostly burned and covered with ashes
On the opposite wall is a Iron door, 5 feet wide
There is loot in the room
What kind of loot? Medical, tool
I’m going to interpret this as a Healer’s Kit and Potion of Healing
Is there any coinage or valuables? No
The pair move on to the door to the west. What do they see when they “stealthily” open the door?
Beyond is a 10 feet wide, 10 feet long passage leading to a stair
Deadly combat encounter in passage


The move forward and see 2 Duergar and a Duergar Soulblade guarding stairs leading down. They see the not stealthy heroes and charge. Paran takes several hits but through coordinated tactics, the pair are able to dispatch of the three Duergar.


The heroes try the stairs stealthily. 15.


40 x 40 feet square storage
No exits
Hard combat encounter in room
There is loot in the room

I’m going to say this is the final room with the leader of the Duergar, whatever Hoard they have and the Periapt the heroes have been sent to retrieve.

The heroes stealthily enter the room and spot a Duergar Xarrorn. They see it is fondling an amulet that matches the description of the relic they’ve been sent to retrieve. They defeat the Duergar Xarrorn with minimal damage and retrieve the periapt. They then realise this room appears to be where this clan stored their treasure. They search the room and find;

1,600 cp
700 sp
120 gp
7×25 gp art objects
headband of intellect
medallion of thoughts
wand of the war mage +1
weapon +1 – Longbow
No encounters as the pair exit the mine.

8:00 PM

I’m going to say it’s been 8 hours since they entered the mine. They will try to move through night once to the east. Encounter check as they reach 0,0:5,3. Hostile Encounter. Hard Encounter. Howling Hatred Priest. Manage to dispose of the Priest. They find 17 CP. Anything interesting? No. They drag the body off the road then settle in for a rest.

Encounter Check for Short Rest. No encounter.

9:00 PM

Encounter Check for Long Rest. No encounter.
I’m going to say they also level up at this point.

24th Flamerule, 1514

For sake of simplicity I’m going to say while an elf only needs 4 hours of meditation. They take it in turns to ensure no ambushes so rest still makes 8 hours. After waking up an breakfasting, they move out at 8:00 AM the next morning.

8:00 am

Move to 0,0: 3,4
Encounter Check: Nothing
Being on a road, travel only takes 1 hour

9:00 am

Move to 0,0:3,3
Encounter Check: Neutral encounter
27: NPC
Let’s generate an NPC

Bree Lynchfield
female half-orc seer – …, right?

18 years old (young adult)
7′3″ (222cm)
Normal voice
Talks very slow.

Loves big city life.
Hates religion.
Hates crowds.

Asks the party to deliver a package (contraband)

Prays to Cyric, god of lies (CE)

Ok so Bree is going to meet them at the outskirts of the city and offer 50gp to deliver a package. She promises it’s nothing dangerous, just a little contraband. She needs it delivered to a tavern.

The pair agree but expect payment in advance. Does Bree pay in advance? Yes

The pair accept payment and continue onto the city. I think they’d choose not to open the package but keep it hidden in their bag.

Do the guards check their bag? Unlikely. Yes.

As the pair enter, they are surprised to find the guard at the gate demanding to check their bags. A local gang is trying to smuggle in illegal goods. The pair protest their innocence.

Persuasion 14. Not enough.

The Guard demands to see the bags.

As they explain where they’ve gone and how they need to return the periapt to the temple, does this make the guard pause in his search? Yes

As he hesitates to look further, Paran casts Minor Illusion to create a pungent smell of rotting flesh from the bag. He quickly explains as part of the job, they had to bring the head back of the Duergar. The guard drops the bag to the ground exclaiming and ushers them in, while walking away fanning the air before his face.

Ok the pair are going to move towards the temple and tavern. I’ll say the tavern is closer. Close enough no encounter check on the way there.

Does the barkeep take the package no questions asked? No
Let’s try a random event to see what happens.
Degrade, Advanced, Knowledge

The barman insists they have a drink before he’ll believe their story. It has the effect of temporarily disabling magic and is a truth serum. He doesn’t tell them this. DC15 CON saving throw. Paran fails, Ronin does not. As Paran starts spilling the secrets from their past, Ronin claps a hand over his mouth. He tells them he only brought in the package as asked. They are leaving. If the barkeep wants to stop them he can try.

Does he try to stop them leaving? Unlikely. NO!
The barkeep laughs and collects his package.

The pair leave and after a bit of discussion during which they realise the effects of the potion, they decide to continue to the temple to deliver the periapt.

11:00 AM

Encounter check: No encounter

They reach the temple without incident. Dedrick is ecstatic to receive the periapt. They’ve formed a bond here and can pay for divine spellcasting services.

They decide to find an inn to rest the of the day and plan what they’ll do next.

End of session.



Paran’s quest for power and renown 
Evermeet council members seeking Paran’s death 
Demons seeking Paran’s death 

Minor Threads

Recover Bennet Willowrush’s EstateManor estate taken over by corrupted water cultists Party has not met Bennet at this stage Party has sold his ownership in the manor. (22/7/1514) Party will only learn of this when they eventually meet him Water Weird from the manor encountered when leaving Drasnia

Resolved Threads

Recover item for Dedrick OakenheartRonin agreed to retrieve relic from mine for Dedrick in return for healing of the unconscious Paran Retrieved relic from mine Delivered relic

World Locations

01Drasnia0,0:2,3Starting city Major trading port
02Mine1,0:1,3Was populated by Duergar Cleared by heroes in S01

Drasnia Locations

Temple of IlmaterTempleTempleCleric Dedrick Oakenhear lives here
Avelina’s BullTavernNear gateFront for smugglers


ParanMain character
RoninParan’s protector and man that raised him
CrafirWizard on Evermeet Council that is known to be seeking Paran’s murder

Minor Characters

Bennet WillowrushNoble in Drasnia Seeking assistance recovering manor estate
Dedrick OakenheartCleric of Illmater in Drasnia
Bree LynchfieldSmuggler met outside of Drasnia
Avelina CadotTavern owner in Drasnia


As you likely could tell from the variations in writing and methods, this was more than one session. It was a combination of mini sessions played during snatches of spare time.

While playing I noticed my experience was feeling roguelite. I don’t mind that necessarily. I think as much as I enjoy story creation, right now it’s more the classic grind from RPGs I grew up playing that I enjoy.

Till next time, take care.

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