Legend of Paran S02


So last “session” was a series of mini sessions jumbled together. Going to try and just play for an hour or two and see what happens in the time.

S01 Summary

  • Start Paran and Ronin in Drasnia on way to meet Bennet to respond to job ad
  • Get attacked and Paran knocked out
  • Ronin takes Paran to temple for healing
  • Commit to quest as payment
  • Travel to mine, clear Duergar inhabitants and collect relic for temple
  • Return to Drasnia and deliver relic

Note I am going to abstract some parts here as I tend to go down the generator rabbit hole and spend all my play time doing nothing but looking up how I could generate things. I’m going to skip over some details and play.

25th Flamerule, 1514

10:00 AM

The next morning Paran and Ronin meet in their Inn’s common room for breakfast. They’ve had plenty of time to sleep off their adventure’s fatigue and are keen to get back at it. As they east they keep an ear out for possible leads.

Trying Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox method for generating a rumour.
Subject: Mule
Verbs: Victimise, Falsify, Force, Enroll

It seems the gang who our heroes smuggled goods in for have been using the act in blackmailing people to do further work. People thinking they were doing one time jobs being coerced into working for the gang permanently or they falsify evidence that gets the mule in trouble with the authorities. They decide if these thieves come for them, they’ll take out the whole bunch. But otherwise they should follow up on that manor job. They finish their breakfast and head to Bennet’s house.

Encounter Check: 1: Nothing

11:00 AM

They arrive at Bennet’s house and knock on the door.
Does anybody answer? Yes + Event

Focus: NPC Negative
Verb: Discover
Noun: Weapon
Adjective: Angelic

A maid answers the door quickly and after introductions ushers the pair in. She fetches Bennet who joins them. Bennet explains he had sold his share in the house as no one responded to his job. But the buyer learned of the job he had advertised so has backed out of the deal. He’s now furiously looking for a buyer. But if they can clear it he’ll pay them handsomely in gold and tell them where they can find a Necklace of Prayer Beads on the property. They agree and he gives them directions.

Scarlet Heroes “How far away”: 7 = 7 Within a months ride. I’ll interpret that as around 2 weeks.

Direction: North

Ok I need to draw roll and draw Pocket Lands cards to workout if it’s possible to reach straight north or go east then north.

Terrain roll is 5 on 0,0 so Deeps. Drawn a Deeps card. That means no path straight north. At least by land. I’m going to say we travel by land at this stage. While I have my map bits out, I’ll roll and draw the card for 1,1 now. 2 = Hills. Draw a Hills card and here we are:

Ok that gives a couple day’s of wilderness to get us started. The heroes will depart Bennet’s house and visit a blacksmith to get Ronin’s mithral plate fitted.

Being a large trading city, I’m going to say there’s many blacksmith and assuredly some who can work with mithral. We’ll explore the craft district to find them. First let’s roll an encounter to reach the place. 10 = Hostile Encounter!

Ok at this stage I want to reconfigure my combat difficulty roll from d6 to d10 so I can re-use the d10/d100 for most things.





Ok rolling for difficulty: 4 = Hard

Rather than roll the encounter first then roll to work out why, I’m going to try rolling GMA flavour/event first then have that set better parameters for the encounter.

Detect, Restrained, Trap

In the context this makes me think of an ambush where the enemy is trying to capture the heroes. Is it the gang trying to capture them for the shake down? No

Is it a council hired assassin trying to capture or kill Paran? No

Is it some form of stealthy fiend hoping to capture Paran’s soul to possess the body of the last of the Evermeet royal line for evil purposes? Likely. Yes.

Well that’s interesting. Let’s see what fiends or similar we can select for the encounter. Ok to try and find something that meets the situation, this just got bumped to Deadly for a Gnoll Fang of Yeenoghu.

Because of the detect keyword I’m putting the gnoll on a roof above the heroes so it will have advantage on it’s stealth roll. 13 so it is spotted by Passive Perceptions. We’ll say Houdini spots it and alerts Paran.

The Gnoll leaps down but Paran is able to react quick enough to move out of it’s range. Ronin interposes himself and though taking a couple bites, he and Paran are able to dispatch the creature.

Do they find anything on it? No

Was the battle witnessed? Likely. No. So the beast must have stalked them as they moved down and alleyway. After searching and finding nothing on the beast they decide to move on before guards come asking questions.

I’m going to now say it’s 12:00 PM. Quick rule change is when travelling in settlements, will be an encounter check for each hour. Ok moving on.


Is the first blacksmith they approach able to work Mithral? Unlikely. No.

Is he able to tell them where they might find one who can? No. If he does, he’s not saying.

They search around for another hour. Using the Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox as a guide, Ronin will make a DC16 Survival Check to see if they can find an appropriate craftsman before 1:00PM.

6 = Fail. They wander about but can’t find anyone able to work the metal or provide direction to someone who can.

Encounter Check: 2 = No encounter


They continue looking. Another DC16 Survival Check. 13 = Fail. They continue to search around but fail to locate a blacksmith. However one blacksmith tells of an artisan who might be able to work it. I made this result as they’ve been search a while and were fairly close to the DC. Failing forward. However now we need to make another Encounter Check. 8 = Random Event!

Focus: Introduce a new NPC
Verb: Defenestrate
Adjective: Irksome
Noun: Rebellion

Ok let’s see who our little rebel is. For a change I’m going to try SAT for manually rolling an NPC.

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Profession: Healer
Disposition: Malicious

Ok combining these elements with digital generators as it’s incomplete. Here’s the full picture;

Naethyn Caskajaro

27 years old (young adult)
5″ (152.4 cm)
Quiet voice

Never forgets a face

Ok so the heroes are moving through the craftsman’s quarter when they see Naethyn forcibly ejected from a shop. The owners scream out something about him milking their sick mother for gold rather than healing her.

I can’t think why the heroes would approach him. Does he approach them? Yes

Why? Allow, Ghostly, Tension

He fakes a heart attack and they come rushing. Does anyone else come along? Yes! A crowd is forming around this man in doctor’s garb who’s just been thrown from an open door and is now grasping his chest and gasping. They call out asking if anyone can help him. Does anyone respond? No + Event.

Focus: NPC Negative
Verb: Release
Adjective: Aberrant
Noun: Rebellion

No clerics or professional doctors step forward so an old army cutter jumps out of the crowd. He holds the man down. And draws a dagger “I saw this in battle. He can’t breathe. We need to cut an airway. Has anyone got a straw?”. At this stage, Naethyn is going to realise he’s messed up and going to face some serious consequences if he doesn’t back out. I’ll roll performance with advantage but no modifier. DC10 to convince crowd. Passive Insight for the heroes. 19! He manages to act his way out of it before the army medic cuts him open. He thanks him and begins to leave. He notes all the faces in the crowd as he goes, including the heroes.

2:00 PM

Ok after that event the pair head to where they were directed. Rolling with advantage. 23. Ronin is able to find the craftsman who can work the metal. He offers his chainmail, old longbow, Medallion of Thoughts, 2 daggers, a rapier and a longsword in trade for the work. The blacksmith agrees but tells them it’ll take a week to get done. They offer 100go to have it ready tomorrow. The blacksmith agrees and they make the payment. They also request to wait at the shop until it’s ready.

8:00 PM

6 hours later Paran and Ronin leave the blacksmith decide to head back to the Golden Wizard inn for the night. Encounter Check on the way: No Encounter

9:00 PM

The heroes arrive at the inn, buy their meals and settle in for the night.

26th Flamerule, 1514

6:00 AM

The next morning, the heroes depart their inn early and head to the gate for their journey.
Encounter Check: No encounter.
They depart the city

8:00 AM

Reach 0,0:4,3 within 2 hour.
Encounter Check: Hostile Encounter
Combat Difficulty: Deadly+. Not sure I’ve advised what the plus means. It means a Deadly rated encounter for +1 party. E.g. In this case, the heroes are L4. Will generate a Deadly rated encounter for party of 2xL5 characters.

Let’s use GMA to get some flavour for this.
Discover, Feral, Conflict

So we’re in Forest and it’s a feral conflict. I’m going to say creatures are fighting and when the heroes stumble upon them, the creatures turn on them. Lets see what we get for this.
1 x Gnoll Fang of Yeenoghu
1 x Barghest

So as the heroes are travelling along the road through the forest of 0,0:4,3, they hear a growling and rustling in the trees. Two fiends spill out locked in combat. When they see the heroes they turn their attention and attack them. The heroes overcome the fiends. They worry that the demons seem to have tracked them down. They can’t just go into hiding but they need to be wary. They drag the corpses from the road and continue.

10:00 AM

Reach 1,0:1,3
Encounter Check: Random Event
Focus: PC Negative
Verb: Reward
Adjective: Tender
Noun: Defense
Paran or Ronin? Paran

Unknown to Paran, the Gnoll fiend marked him. The next encounter with fiends, all attacks against Paran have advantage.

The pair continue their travel.

12:00 PM

Reach 1,0:2,2
Encounter Check: No Encounter

1:00 PM

Reach 1,0:3,2
I just want to see if the heroes can see whatever anything at the point of interest marked at 1,0:3,3. Do they see anything? No. Cool. Moving on.

2:00 PM

Reach 1,0:3,1
See the road leads to an abandoned village
Encounter Check: No Encounter

The Heroes realise they need to head off road for the first time into the hills. Travel times are impacted. e.g. 2 hours per hill square without road.

4:00 PM

Reach 1,0:2,1
Encounter Check: No Encounter
The pair decide their feet are sore and to make camp.
SAT Survival roll for campsite. DC8 for Hills: 21 = Success
With such a strong roll I’m going to say no chance of disturbances during the night. Travel at the end of the day.

At that is going to mark the end of this session.


I’m still switching my resources and such up a lot. I’m sure it’ll settle one day. Right now I need to do more just jump in and play as I can spend hours doing stuff that contributes little value to the game at this stage. Thinking of utilizing pregenerated content like NPCs, towns, etc. Looking for good sources there too. Next session will begin with day two of travel to this manor house. It’s meant to be about two weeks north so a fair bit of travelling to go. Finally, here’s the updated lists.

Paran’s quest for power and renown 
Evermeet council members seeking Paran’s death 
Demons seeking Paran’s deathFiends have been appearing in Ithica to attack Paran.

Minor Threads

Recover Bennet Willowrush’s EstateManor estate taken over by corrupted water cultists Party has not met Bennet at this stage Party has sold his ownership in the manor. (22/7/1514) Party will only learn of this when they eventually meet him Water Weird from the manor encountered when leaving Drasnia
Smuggler gang coercing mulesRumour smuggler gang are threatening one time mules into working for them permanently

Resolved Threads

Recover item for Dedrick OakenheartRonin agreed to retrieve relic from mine for Dedrick in return for healing of the unconscious Paran Retrieved relic from mine Delivered relic


01Drasnia0,0:2,3Starting city Major trading port
02Mine1,0:1,3Was populated by Duergar Cleared by heroes in S01


Temple of IlmaterTempleTempleCleric Dedrick Oakenhear lives here
Avelina’s BullTavernNear gateFront for smugglers
The Golden KingInnMerchantInn where heroes are staying

Character List

ParanMain character
RoninParan’s protector and man that raised him
CrafirWizard on Evermeet Council that is known to be seeking Paran’s murder

Minor Character List

Avelina CadotTavern owner in Drasnia
Bennet WillowrushNoble in Drasnia Seeking assistance recovering manor estate
Bree LynchfieldSmuggler met outside of Drasnia
Dedrick OakenheartCleric of Illmater in Drasnia
Naethyn CaskajaroEvil doctor and charlatan in Drasnia

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