Legend of Paran S03


As I don’t know exactly how far away the manor is, only that it is about two weeks distant, I will stick to 8 hour travelling day as no incentive to travel faster and exhaustion if it’s the duration of travel that will determine the destination

S02 Summary

  • Hear rumour that smuggler gang coercing people into working for them
  • Meet Bennet and receive quest to clear out manor
  • Ambushed by a Gnoll Fang of Yeenoghu
  • Briefly encounter Naethyn Caskajaro
  • Find blacksmith to fit Ronin’s mithral plate
  • Depart Drasnia and start traveling towards Bennet’s estate

27th Flamerule, 1514

8:00 AM

Paran and Ronin wake up and continue travelling north. Note I’m still working out a couple specifics I think I overlooked in my travel rules. Does the time required to traverse a square count when entering or leaving? At this stage I’ll calculate it based on the square they’re leaving. Also been forgetting my weather rolls. Using Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox method for determining weather. Ok we’re in Summer in hills. Today it is rainy. Initially that has no effect on travel but I’ll say all creatures have a -5 on perception rolls.

Heroes head north. Difficult terrain due to traveling through hills with no road. Will take 4 hours. First encounter check: No encounter.

10:00 AM

Still in the hills at 1,0:2,1.
Travelling north.
Encounter Check: No encounter
Reach 1,1:2,5

12:00 PM

Location: 1,1:2,5
Encounter Check: Random Event

Random Event
Focus: Move away from a thread
Thread: Demons seeking Paran’s death
Verb: Restore
Adjective: Aberrant
Noun: Treasure
I’m not sure so gong to grab some more words from GMA.
Eliminate, Gaudy, Haven

While having their lunch break, Paran has a short meditation. During it, the demonic figure that has been tracking him invades his mental space and tries to terrorise him with images of the demonic invasion of Evermeet, the slaughter of his family.

DC15 Charisma Saving Throw to avoid negative effects from vision: 14 = Fail. Paran’s suffers a level of exhaustion and is fearful of fiends until he succeeds on the DC15 Charisma Saving Throw. Can be taken once per day.

Heroes continue moving north. Moving through grasslands so just the two hours for movement.

2:00 PM

Location: 1,1:2,4
Terrain: Forest
Encounter Check: No encounter

The heroes continue moving north then halfway through the forest decide to setup camp

SAT Campsite check
DC6 Survival Check: 15 = Success

The pair find a secure place to camp. Secure enough that they don’t need to do an encounter check for the night.

28th Flamerule, 1514

10:00 AM

Location: 1,1:2,4
Terrain: Forest
Paran makes Charisma sabing throw to overcome effects from yesterday’s nightmare.

Encounter Check: Neutral Encounter
Neutral Encounter: 28 = NPC

Yngvild Rockharvest

female dwarf ranger

81 years old (young adult)
4′6″ (137cm)
Deep voice
Speaks about themself in 3rd person.

Hates being touched.
Wears their pants way to low.
Loves fashion.

Their child has been abducted by a hag.

Prays to Marthammor Duin, god of explorers (NG)

We’ll use the Story Hook provided by DM Heroes. Before we define the encounter, let’s get her initial attitude to the Paran and Ronin.


I’ll likely convert this table to a d10 at some point to reduce amount of dice switching for rolls. Anyway, result is 1: Hostile

So Yngvild is aggravated when she encounters the party. She’s trying to track the hag that has taken her child.

Does she respond when they try to hail her?  NO! She completely ignores them acting like their not there. Piqued, Paran looks about to move on. Ronin is curious though. He interposes moves into the way of Yngvild. Asks if she’s ok, she seems distressed.

Ok she’s hostile so DC10 just to keep her from getting more hostile. 6 = Fail. She pushes past. “Get out of my way. You’re messing up the tracks”. Ronin apologizes and tells her he only wanted to see if she needed help. She seemed perturbed and came toward them. Rather than just ignore, he wanted to see if he could help.

DC10 Persuasion Check: 18. She pauses for a moment. “Oh. Really. You’re going to help a young lady you’ve never met before after she’s shown she wants nothing to do with you. Any why is that?”

Taken aback, Ronin is a little lost for words. Paran giggles. “Well said good dwarf. I’ve never seen Ronin put in his place so completely with naught but words. Well done. Forgive him, he’s not a “good guy”. He genuinely tries to be all honorable and heroic. Trying to teach me how to get myself killed saving strangers. And I guess this is another example of it. You seem to be in search of something that has you upset. How can two aspiring heroes of the realm assist you?”

Banter will go back and forth a little bit but overall DC10 Charisma check with advantage to get her to tell him what she’s searching for. 21! She spills the beans and asks for their help. She’s following the tracks back to hag’s cave to battle it. Will they help? Of course.

How far check: Far, far away. I’m going to interpret this as unknown distance.

The heroes look at each other. As much as they want to help Bennet, Yngvild’s child is the more pressing matter. They agree to accompany her.

I’ll use a L4 Expert Sidekick with Survival and Perception Expertise for Yngvild.

What direction to the tracks go? North East. She leads them on.

12:00 PM

Location: 1,1:2,4
Terrain: Forest
Weather: Clear, Hot
Second Encounter Check for this terrain tile: 3. No encounter

2:00 PM

Location: 1,1:3,3
Terrain: Hills
Weather: Clear, Hot

Hills are difficult terrain requiring 4 hours to traverse per tile. First encounter check: 1: No encounter

4:00 PM

Location: 1,1:3,3
Terrain: Hills
Weather: Clear, Hot

2 hours later, the Paran and Ronin are getting tired from travel. After 8 hours of travel they’d normally stop. Yngvild will refuse and order them forward or leave them behind. They’ll follow but must make a DC10 Constitution Saving Throw to avoid Exhaustion. Both pass and the group continues on unhindered.

6:00 PM

Location: 1,1:3,3
Terrain: Hills
Weather: Clear, Hot

2 hours later, they are halfway through the hills. Has Yngvild been able to find the hag’s home yet? Yes + Event.

Random Event
Focus: NPC Negative
Verb: Replace
Adjective: Woundrous
Noun: Underling
The hag is trying to replace the child with a changeling.

The trio stand outside a cave that Yngvild has tracked the hag to.  The group descends into the cave.

And that’s where I’m going to stop for this session.


I actually had three separate attempts at getting into the dungeon. Each with different tools but just wasn’t feeling inspired. I think I’ll just go with Wish and ignore set any doors as open archways. Till next time, take care.



Paran’s quest for power and renown 
Evermeet council members seeking Paran’s death 
Demons seeking Paran’s deathFiends have been appearing in Ithica to attack Paran.

Minor Threads

Recover Bennet Willowrush’s EstateManor estate taken over by corrupted water cultists Bennet has hired party to clear manor
Smuggler gang coercing mulesRumour smuggler gang are threatening one time mules into working for them permanently
Help Yngvild save her childHeroes helping save child from a Hag

Resolved Threads

Recover item for Dedrick OakenheartRonin agreed to retrieve relic from mine for Dedrick in return for healing of the unconscious Paran Retrieved relic from mine Delivered relic


01Drasnia0,0:2,3Starting city Major trading port
02Mine1,0:1,3Was populated by Duergar Cleared by heroes in S01
03Cave1,1:3,3Green hags cave


Temple of IlmaterTempleTempleCleric Dedrick Oakenhear lives here
Avelina’s BullTavernNear gateFront for smugglers
The Golden KingInnMerchantInn where heroes are staying

Character List

ParanMain character
RoninParan’s protector and man that raised him
CrafirWizard on Evermeet Council that is known to be seeking Paran’s murder

Minor Character List

Avelina CadotTavern owner in Drasnia
Bennet WillowrushNoble in Drasnia Seeking assistance recovering manor estate
Bree LynchfieldSmuggler met outside of Drasnia
Dedrick OakenheartCleric of Illmater in Drasnia
Naethyn CaskajaroEvil doctor and charlatan in Drasnia
Yngvild RockharvestRanger trying to save her child

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