Legend of Paran S04


This will be a short session as my goal is to get through this cave and save Yngvild’s daughter. Last session I got massively sidetracked trying to come up with the “right” way to generate a cave map as I explored it. Instead I will use my normal dungeon mapping method, remove room and have no doors unless I feel the cave has transitioned to an abode.

S03 Summary

  • Continue travelling towards Bennet’s Manor
  • Paran has a dream causing temporary fear of fiends
  • Meet Yngvild Rockseeker
  • Join Yngvild Rockseeker on quest to save her child
  • Reach cave where Yngvild has tracked the kidnapper to

28th Flamerule, 1514

6:00 PM

Location: 1,1:3,3
Terrain: Hills
Weather: Clear, Hot

The party is standing at the entrance to the cave where they tracked the creature that took Yngvild’s child to. They stealth into the cave. Group Stealth: 14

I will use Wish to generate the map and Dungeon Scrawl to draw it as I go.

Starting Area – R01

40 x 50 feet
On the opposite wall is a 10 feet wide, 10 feet long passage
Medium combat encounter in room
There is loot in the room

Medium Encounter
5 x Giant Wolf Spiders

The group sneaks into the cave and spots 5 giant spiders milling over what looks to be the corpses of their victims. Paran and Yngvild unleash fire and arrow. Ronin runs in and casts Burning Hands on the clustered creatures. Soon after Yngvild was able to confirm that none of the corpses were her daughter. They did manage 3 silver pieces in the search.

The group again stealths forward down the passage at the far end of the chamber. 12.


10 feet wide passage continues straight 20 ft., leading to a room.


30 feet circle room, floor is partially collapsed and littered with bones
On the opposite wall is a 10 feet wide passage

The trio find themselves in what looks to the aftermath of what the spiders do to people. Without fear they move deeper into the caverns.


10 feet wide passage continues straight 20 ft., side passage to the left, then an additional 10 ft. ahead.

The group decide to continue straight ahead.


10 feet wide passage continues straight 20 ft., side passage to the left, then an additional 10 ft. ahead
Passage is trapped, falling log trap triggered by trip wire
DC13 Perception check to notice, DC13 Thieves’ Tools check to disarm
If triggered, make a DC12 Dexterity Saving Throw
Take 1d10 bludgeoning damage on a fail
Deadly combat encounter in passage
Ogre and a regular giant spider.

The heroes spot a hulking creature feeding a much larger spider than the ones they fought earlier. They also notice a primitive trap in the hallway before them. Thinking fast they decide to focus on ranged attacks to draw the enemy into their own trap. The creatures rush forward triggering their own trap but barely notice the log’s impact. They ogre is able to land a mighty swing on Paran before the trio finish them off. Ronin gives him his potion before they move on.


Group Stealth Check: 17
They continue north
10 feet wide passage continues straight 20 ft., then the passage turns right and continues 10 ft.
Hard combat encounter in passage
There is loot in the passage

The heroes move north then here the chittering as 2 giant spiders enter the passageways from different directions. The heroes won’t get there surprise because these spiders are responding to the sounds of battle earlier. The heroes manage to cut them down though Ronin takes a deep bite this time. Yngvild’s attitude towards the heroes has changed to neutral at this stage.


10 feet wide, 10 feet long passage leading to a room
Group Stealth Check: 9


30 x 40 feet rectangle chamber, furniture is wrecked but still present
Hag is present with the child

I’m going to drop the changeling part as unsure how I could fairly adjudicate it. Will be the hag caught trying to sacrifice the child.

As they enter the hag disappears. Yngveld runs towards her daughter. Paran and Ronin stay close to her expecting an attack. The hag reappears clawing Ronin. He then casts Hold Person on her. Ronin and Paran get a couple hits before it frees itself and disappears again. Knowing the creature was boomed and not hearing any sound, Paran and Ronin keep swinging at the spot where it disappeared and manage to take it down before it can do any more damage.

They talk to Yngvild who is comforting her child. She is now friendly to them. If they encounter her in the future, she will help however she can. She asks if they can leave as soon as the looting is done. They decide to not explore any other rooms just take what they can find in the chest in the hags sleeping chamber.

Loot: Tier 1 Hoard
2,100 cp
800 sp
80 gp
4×25 gp art objects (converted to GP)
alchemy jug
potion of animal friendship

The group leave the cave and camp for the night. Yngvild is heading to Drasnia. The heroes continue north to Bennet’s Manor.

I’ll give them a long rest without issue after that quest.


I rushed this dungeon a bit. I think after the last effort petering out, I wanted to feel like I just got it done. I’ll let it stand but I feel I need to be more patient with play. Let things develop slowly. See how it goes next time. Take care.

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