Legend of Paran S06


So Axebane’s Deck of Many Things finally arrived! I’ve been waiting on these so long my interest in them had started to drop off. But now they’re here and I’m going to try them out in my current game. Here we go.

S05 Summary

  • Continue travelling towards Bennet’s Mansion
  • Ambushed by goblins
  • Teleporting Tanarukk knocked out Paran by luckily soloed by Ronin
  • Discovered Dwarven settlement of Didsbon

1st Eleasias (Autumn), 1514

2:00 PM

Location: 1,-2:2,5
Encounter: Neutral
Weather (Missed at end of last session): Clear Skies

Our heroes arrived at the Dwarven fortress of Didsbon. The dwarves are glad to welcome two high elves who they haven’t had as guests to their settlement in over a hundred years. They provide access to their general store. Upon hearing that the two are adventurer’s the dwarves have a proposition. To deeper depths of their fortress have been overrun by all kinds of creatures. They believe some sort of magic user opened a portal in the lower levels and has had random creatures teleported in. They offer the adventurers 200gp if they can clear it out. They agree and after resting and stocking up on potions (200 each, 50gp per), head on in the next day.

2nd Eleasias (Autumn), 1514

8:00 AM

Location: 1, -2: 2,5
Weather: Light rain
I’m going to make it a 10 room dungeon so upon entering the 10th room, will draw a random K for the final confrontation.

  • ASe
    • No encounter.
    • Travel west
  • 3S
    • 2 x Dryads
    • Are the Dryads trying to hide? No.
    • Defeat them with Ronin taking a couple hits
    • Find 15sp
    • Travel west
  • QC
    • 2 x Bugbears
      • Stealth: 15
      • As the heroes are entering a room, I’ll give them an active perception check: 14
      • Heroes are surprised by Bugbears
      • Bugbears swarm Paran (randomly rolled target each) and knocked him out in first round while he was surprised (36 damage over 2 hits)
      • Ronin gives him a potion
      • Defeat Bugbears but both are now bloodied.
      • QC indicates treasure. As not a hoard, will use T2 Individual classification for treasure.
        • 1900cp
        • 20ep
      • Both are bloodied so will try a short rest.
        • Are they disturbed? Yes
        • Is it a hostile creature? Likely. Yes
      • Combat Difficulty: Deadly
    • Bugbear Chief approaches from the south
      • Paran attempts Hold Person but Bugbear makes the save
      • Heroes manage to defeat the chief using the higher ground offered in the room to full advantage and a random event (Confuse, Precise, Locals) which caused the Bug Bear to try to move get to the stairs to attack the heroes without disadvantage, triggering Booming Blade and Attacks of Opportunity
      • Find 15gp
    • Short rest
    • Travel south
  • 6H
    • Hard Lock
      • Neither character has the tools to unlock the door so Ronin boots it in.
    • Magic Pool: No noticeable effect (GM decides)
    • Is it a positive effect? No!
    • Heroes take 6 damage each from the foul water.
    • There is a chest in the room.
      • Does it contain anything valuable? Yes
      • Just coins? No
      • Anything beyond coins useful to the heroes? Unlikely. No
      • Find 8gp and some junk they ignore
    • Return to AS with intention to go east.
      • Any wandering monsters? Unlikely: No
  • 10Se
    • 2 bandits
    • Hostile? Likely: Yes + Event
      • Event: Bestow, Disappointing, Game
      • The bandits pretend to be friendly then attack
      • Deception: 7 VS Insight: 14
    • The heroes sense a ruse and when the bandits attack, they are ready for them
      • They quickly knock out the two bandits then check them and the backpacks in the room for goods.
      • They find a healing potion. They leave the bandits unconscious but with a note telling them they are out of their depth and to head back up to the surface.
    • At this stage, there is not path forward so I’m adding a staircase to this room. The heroes descend the stairs.

Level 2

  • AD
    • Travel West
  • 6C
    • Passive Perceptions fail to notice secret passage
    • Head into room
    • 2 grimlocks
      • Stealth: 17 VS Perception: 18
      • No surprise
      • Quickly defeat the cannibal humanoids
      • Find 50cp
  • Head back to AD.
    • Any wandering monsters? Unlikely: No
  • QD
    • Very Hard Lock. No tools so Ronin kicks it down.
      • Inside is a room with a chest and bones scattered across the floor
      • Find 70gp and 130sp
      • Ronin passes cp to Paran to carry to avoid encumbrance
    • Travel north
  • 3He
    • Smell of vines in the room
    • Secret door DC: Moderate: 15. Neither Passive Perception detects.
    • Nothing in passage
    • Travel North
  • QSe
    • Backpack containing 80sp
    • 2 cultists
      • Do the cultists try and hide? Yes
        • Stealth: 11 vs Passive Perception of 14
        • No surprise
      • They make quick work of the cultists
      • Find 30gp
    • Head west
  • 5D
    • Hidden Pit Trap
      • Spot DC: 10
      • Both heroes easily spot the poorly hidden trap just inside the door
      • Jump the 5ft distance to the other side
    • DC for Secret door: 10
      • Searching the room they find a hidden door.
      • Opening it they spot a pile of 160gp
  • Travel back to 3He to search east.
    • Wandering monsters? Unlikely: NO!
  • 7S
    • Very hard locked door
      • No gear to unlock so Ronin smashes the door
    • Surprised by 2 flying swords
      • Defeat the two constructs with only a single shallow wound to Ronin.
    • Ronin uses Second Wind
    • Is there anything up with the altar in the room? Yes!
      • What? Inflict, Broken, Barrier
      • This altar was one of the portal nodes. Paran has to use 1 spell slot for each failed DC15 Arcana check to close it.
        • Make it on the first roll with a natural 20 for 27 🙂
  • Travel back to AD.
    • Any wandering monsters? Unlikely. No.
    • The lock here is rated easy. Don’t have the tools to unlock it but will say Ronin manages to force it without much noise.
  • Next room will be the 10th so time to draw a K for the BBEG
  • KC
    • Going to be a BBEG in here who I’ve already said is a magic user. To determine who/what, let’s start with combat difficulty roll. 8 = Deadly.
    • Ok let’s see what we can generate from KFC that’s in the right vein.
      • 5 drow and 1 drow fire warlock (reskinned firenewt warlock of Imix)
    • So the BBEG is a drow warlock who was opening the portals to summon in new monsters to help take over the dwarven fortress. At the end of the first and then every second round, warlock will teleport in another drow.
    • Did they hear the door forced open? Yes.
    • Were they too busy in their preparations to set some sort of ambush? Unlikely: Yes (Phew)
    • The heroes won’t get a chance for stealth so straight up fight
      • Heroes take out 4 drow in first turn with 3 casts of Burning Hands (Ronin Action Surge)
      • Sorcerer casts Flaming Sphere but Paran and Ronin take minimal damage from it’s movement due to good DEX throws
      • Remaining Drow casts Darkness encompassing most of the room
      • Paran tries to move north but bumps into warlock. Attacks at disadvantage. Hits. Warlock maintains concentration on Flame Sphere. Paran calls to Ronin directing him. Paran is burnt by the Flaming Sphere
      • Ronin walks through the Flaming Sphere to follow Paran’s direction and takes full damage. Hits warlock at disadvantage. Warlock maintains concentration.
      • Warlock rams flaming sphere through the areas where it was hit from burning both and putting Ronin in critical condition. With its last spell slot, it will cast Burning Hands in the direction of the heroes. Both heroes make their saves but are still burnt. Not being very smart (-1 int mod) the warlock tries to flee and triggers the Boom affect from both heroes attacks. Just enough damage to down it but then it’s blessing from Imix triggers and it gets back up and keeps running with 5 HP. No Attacks of Opportunity due to Darkness preventing heroes from seeing it.
      • Drow 2 (just teleported in) can’t see but fires it’s crossbow where it heard noise from. Misses.
      • Drow 3 can see as it was the drow that cast Darkness. Fires shortbow at advantage as heroes can’t see it. Crits hitting Ronin and knocking him out. Ronin makes the CON save but is still KO’d.
      • Paran gives Ronin a Healing Potion then runs in the direction he thought the Warlock went. Bumps into Drow 2.
      • Ronin stands and runs north bumping into the warlock. Attacks at disadvantage. Hits and kills the warlock. Flaming Sphere disappears.
      • Drow 2 swings at Paran at disadvantage but Paran’s bladesong allows him to evade it.
      • Drow 3 fires his hand crossbow at Ronin but the shot is wide.
      • Start of fourth round. With the Warlock dead I’ll say the portal continues spilling out drow but at a rate of 1 every 3 rounds after round 5, if not shut down beforehand as the other portal node was.
      • Paran casts Burning Hands in the direction of the drow. It is burnt but still alive.
      • Ronin does the same killing Drow 2 then heads in the direction hand crossbow bolts have been coming from and bumps into Drow 3.
      • Drow 3 swings it’s scimitar at Ronin but Ronin is able to instinctively get his shield up to block it. The drow then moves south trying to evade the heroes. Will allow it passive stealth to do so (14) but both heroes passive perceptions are high enough to hear it. They know where it moved but still attack at disadvantage.
      • Round 5, a new drow (Drow 1)springs forth from the portal. The sound is loud enough to alert both characters to its presence.
      • Paran faces where he heard the noise come from then casts a level 2 Burning Hands. Drow 1 fails the save and is incinerated. Paran heads in the direction he heard the portal come from. Doing so he escapes the magical darkness and finds the portal. He uses his bonus action to take a potion of healing (house rule bonus action to quaff potion, action to administer to someone else).
      • Ronin heads in the direction of Drow 2 and swings blindly. He manages to hit and kill the drow in one swing. The magical darkness immediately dissipates. He rushes over to help Paran.
      • Round 6. Another drow spill forth.
      • Paran tries to dispel the portal. DC 15 Arcana: 12: Fail. Loses a second level spell slot.
      • Ronin focuses on the portal but has no spell slots. Does the check at disadvantage. 12: Fail.
      • Drow: Swings at Roning but misses.
      • Round 7
      • Paran tries to dispel the portal. Fail.
      • Ronin strikes at the drow. Misses.
      • Drow casts Darkness
      • Round 8
      • Paran tries to dispel. Fail. Only has 1 spell slot left 8\
      • Ronin swings at drow at disadvantage. Hits and kills. Darkness disappearr.
      • Round 9
      • Another drow spills forth
      • Paran tries to dispel portal. Fails.
      • Roning swings at Drow at disadvatange. Misses.
      • Drow casts darkness.
      • Round 10
      • Paran tries to dispel at disadvantage. Fails.
      • Ronin swings at Drow. Misses.
      • Drow misses misses Paran.
      • Round 11
      • Paran’s Bladesong ends. Tries to dispel portal. Success with a 15,8 + 7. Phew. The portal goes down.
      • Roning swings at Drow at disadvatange. Hits. Kills it.
  • As the darkness disappears, the pair breath hard. They look at the bodies that surround them. Now closer they can see the portal spring forth from an altar covered in viscera. They pile the corpses against the entrance then take time for a Short Rest.
    • Are they disturbed? Unlikely. No.
  • Following their rest, the pair search the chamber and find several containers. Within they find;
    • 700 cp
    • 7,000 sp
    • 2,800gp
    • 130 pp
    • 2 × potion of healing
    • Using James Turner’s web app which has a D&D treasure roller on it. Tier 2 because characters have earned Level 5

2:00 PM

Returning to the surface, the dwarves are shocked by the site of the elves. Paran tells them what they found and where the evidence can be found. The dwarves give them the agreed reward, let them keep all they found, exchange their coins, feast them and offer to sell them enchanted items (Using Discerning Merchant’s Guide for prices).

Do they have a wand of magic missiles? Yes. 300gp.
Do they have a wand of Fireballs? Unlikely. No.
Do they have a cloak of protection? No.
Do they have a ring of spell storing? Unlikely. No.
Ring of protection? No.
Wand of web? Yes. 250gp.
Scroll of Fireball? No.
Scroll of Haste? No! No scrolls available here 🙁
Javelin of lightning? Yes. 350gp.
Bead of Nourishment? Likely. Yes + Event
Return, broken, freedom
While the pair are making their purchases, a dwarf smith notices the damage on their amulets of proof against detection and location and offers to repair them at 1/2 price. They immediately agree. 400gp
Do they have a lot of beads of nourishment? Yes. 1d20 = 6. 150gp.
Bag of holding? No! And nothing else available. 1450 gp total.

The heroes stay for 3 days to complete their recovery, celebrations and shopping before setting back out on the road again.


Well that was even more fun than I thought it would be. I think having the ready made dungeon tiles/geomorphs speeds things up a lot and makes it a smoother experience. Will likely have some more dungeons in the near future to continue testing them.

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