Legend of Paran S07


I’m still keen to try get more familiar with my Axebane Deck of Many Things so I will go dungeon delving at the first opportunity. As I want to keep jut the one solo campaign going at a time, that means finding another dungeon in the conext of the story. So the adventurers will continue to on their path to Bennet’s Manor.

I also decided it’s finally time to give Paran and Ronin a face which you should see as the feature image.


S06 Summary

  • Entered the lower levels of the dwarven fortress to clear monsters
  • Defeated Drow warlock and closed portal
  • Rewarded by Dwarves
  • Bought some items
  • Levelled up

Ok now onto the actual play 🙂

5th Eleasias, 1514

If I’ve counted correctly, we’re only a weeks’ worth of actual travel from Drasnia toward Bennet’s Manor. That means at least one more week’s travel north to reach the intended destination. Also we completed all six hours of travel in the current map tile so just the two hours to move north. Let’s get cracking.

Weather: Clear Skies

Hmmm this still has me wondering how I should order these travel rolls/entries. I feel I should definitely do one each morning to show where the party starts out. But should I only do an encounter check once they start travelling/first 2 hours is over. I’ll try that out here and see how it plays out.

8:00 AM

Location: 1,-2:2,5

Party starts heading north across the river

10:00 AM

Location: 1,-2:2,4

decide to continue moving north to go around the swamp immediately to the west.

Encounter: Combat

Difficulty: Deadly

Let’s get some flavour.

Does it happen during the river crossing? No. So they are in the forest when it happens. We’ll go for a straight Forest fight then. What’s KFC got?

1 x Bugbear Chief, 1 x Gnoll Pack Lord


Ambushers’ Stealth 15 VS Heroes Passive Perception 15 = 15 Not hidden (Later learned meets it beats it here for active vs passive but will just apply that ruling going forward)


Not long after crossing the river, the pair enter a glade within the forest when they notice a large gnoll and bugbear waiting attempting to ambush them. Battle commences. The failed ambush costs the creatures dearly as the heroes cut them down with barely a scratch.

Checking the bodies they find 14cp, 20sp

Any clues to about why the creatures ambushed them? Yes!

With an extreme yes but no physical GMA cards with possessions on them (Hurry up USPS/Auspost, I’m going to use TSAT1 Wilderness Clue table.

94: (1d4) 2 corpses, all without heads


As the heroes prepare to move on, they spot the corpses of other unfortunate victims of the ambushers. They deduce the bugbear and gnoll had been must have been working together for some time.


12:00 PM

Location: 1,-2:2,4

Encounter: Combat

Difficulty: Hard

KFC: 4 x Bugbear

Bugbear Stealth:  12 VS  Heroes Passive Perception 15 = 15 Not hidden (Gave Bugbears advatnge on stealth roll to balance out missing out last time but alas no go)

Oops! During this battle I realised I’ve been granting 1d8 damage on a hit from Booming Blade before L5 when that only happens after L5. No use crying over spilled milk but I felt I should note it. Funning after 100+ hours of group D&D 5E, most with Booming Blade in my character’s kit, I could still make this error. Again oh well. Life goes on.

During the fight Ronin gets reduced to critical condition (4/49HP) from two crits. After the enemy kept dodging his attacks, Paran finishes the last Bugbear with a crit.

Find anything? No

Checking the area after defeating the beastlike humanoids, the heroes find nothing of calue and decide to move on.


2:00 PM

Location: 1,-2:2,3

Encounter: Nothing

The continue travelling through the forest and being turning west.


4:00 PM

Location: 1,-2:2,3

Encounter: Nothing

The pair decide to push their luck and try to press on for another 2 hours to make it out of the forest before making camp.


DC 10 CON Save:

Paran: 14

Ronin: 9


Ronin has 1 level of exhaustion


6:00 PM

Location: 1,-2:2,3

Encounter: Nothing

Heroes make camp for the night.

Ronin Survival Check with disadvantage due to Exhaustion: DC8 : 8 Success

Are they disturbed during the night? Unlikely. No


6th Eleasias, 1514

Day 8 of travel to Bennet’s Manor. Just occurred to me that Forgotten Realms uses tendays rather than 7 day weeks. I think they’ll reach their destination faster than Bennet estimated being hardy adventurers and all.

Weather: Overcast

Also going to test a method of having a start and end location for each wilderness entry and put them in mini tables to reduce overhead transferring from OneNote to WordPress. Let’s try it out.


8:00 AM

Start Location: 0,-2:1,3

Encounter: Random Event

Convince, Gaudy Magic


Hmm something to do with Illusion or enchantment magic. But still not sure what. Let’s get some more keywords.

Reward, Irksome, Deity

A coven of green hags has used illusion magic to transport the heroes to their underground cave. They are still in the grasslands but within a giant version of a rabbits warren. Let’s get delving. Heroes will have to find and defeat each of the three hags at coven level power.

Every 6th room will contain a hag if a Queen or Jack hasn’t already been drawn to indicate the presence of a hag. Card count resets again at that point. For the final I will draw a King.

Let’s get delving 🙂


A Diamonds

  • Heroes find themselves in a have hewn into the stone. There appears to be no way out. They hear cackles in the distance from each of the three passages they can see. They decide to move west first.

5 Clubs

  • 4 Lizardfolk
  • Defeat the Lizardfolk but Ronin receives 3 crits from them in the process.
  • Searching the Lizardfolk and containers in the room after the battle tthey heroes find 34gp and 12sp
  • I’m keep this passageway going until a hag is found, the heroes find a secret door behind the altar that they take.
  • Ronin quaffs a potion of healing before moving on.

6 Spades

  • 2 zombies
  • Heroes make quick work of the creatures
  • Anything of interest in the various contains in the room? Yes
  • Anything beyond simple coins? Yes! I’m going to say it’s something beneficial but will get some keywords to decide what it is.
  • Fix, Benevolent, Merchant
  • Ok so the wares of a merchant including two healing potions and 50gp are found.
  • Adding another “secret” door to keep this passage direction goin

J Hearts

  • Being a “picture” card, is there a hag in here? Yes
  • Which of the three rooms? 1st
  • Is it attempting to hide? No
  • Hag opens up with a Lightning Bolt that immediately puts both in critical condition
  • Both use Bonus Action potions
  • Hag paralyses Ronin
  • Ronin recovers but then gets knocked out with another lightning bolt
  • Hag on 1HP nearly knocks out Paran as well but he makes the dex save to reduce damage from 37 to 18
  • Ronin stabilises
  • Paran misses with rolling 2 x 2 (advantage from familiar)
  • Hag targets Paran with Phantasmal Killer but he makes the save
  • Paran ends the Hag with a Booming Blade
  • He administers Ronin’s final healing Potion and the pair retreat into a Rope Trick portal for a Short Rest
  • An hour later they return. Is anything waiting for them? Unlikely. No
  • Searching the body and surrounding rooms find 110gp
  • Take south passage

8 Spades

  • 2 x Ghasts
  • After recent experiences I’ll say the heroes attempt stealth
    • Stealth:  15 VS PP: 10 Hidden
  • Heroes defeat the Ghasts without too much fuss
  • Find 12sp in the chest
  • Anything else? Unlikely. No
  • Return back J Hearts then continue to north passage.

10 Diamonds

  • Find a room with some items stacked. What are they? Halt, Distant, Magic
    • Can’t think of something for this in context so will say they appear to be the bones of the Hags’ victims
  • Returning to passageway they come across a locked door and regret forgetting to buy thieves tools again.
  • Ronin smashes the door in and finds 20gp and 220sp
  • DC for Secret Door: Moderate: 15: Passives are now high enough so they spot the door, then the chest inside containing an additional 210gp
  • Return back to A Diamonds. Any wandering monsters on the way? Unlikely. No

A Diamonds

  • Take east passage

5 Spades

  • 2 x Orogs
  • Stealth: 14 VS 10: Hidden
  • Defeat the Orogs with only a few scrapes
  • 27sp
  • Leave their weapons and armour as too heavy to carry when they don’t know how far till the next town
  • Find 40 gp in a cupboard
  • Ronin forces door and find another passage and container
  • Container has nothing of interest so continues down path

4 Spades

  • 2 Giant spiders
    • Hero Stealth: 11 VS 10 PP
    • Spider Stealth: 17 vs 15 PP
    • Both are hidden from each other so break even for straight fight
    • Make quick work of the spider and continue down the passage

Q Diamonds (er)

  • Hard lock leading to room. Ronin forces it.
  • Hag
    • Is she invisible? Likely. Yes so she’ll surprise the heroes
    • Hag expertly positions herself for lightning bolt
    • Ronin gets knocked out by second lightning bolt (Maybe I should restrict their spell slots to shared as designed)
    • Paran defeats hag then stabilises Ronin with Healer Kits when he was on 2:2 death saves
  • Paran drags Ronin into a Rope Trick for another Short Rest
  • Heroes are now in a tough position but have to defeat the final hag before they can exit the cave


I have to call the session there as it’s getting late and life waits for no man. Think I overtuned this dungeon with providing so many spell slots and allows the hags to remain at coven level with one defeated. But we’ll see what happens. Worst case scenario I’ll spin up another campaign with lessons learned.

Something that occurs is I wish I could run 4 characters but I think trying to give even the semblance of personality to them would be impossible to effectively do without reducing story progression to a crawl. Even now my notes don’t reflect the thinking of characters as it would simply be too long. Would consider gestalt characters but DNDBeyond which I use for character sheets doesn’t support it.

Anyways, hopefully by next session I have the GMA and Pocket Lands phsyical cards <fingers crossed>. Also trying to see if the Axebane Deck of Many Dungeons Elven Ruins expansion is available in PDF format. If not will scan the cards and try to resize the same as the PDF extracted image then come back and put a map here.

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