Legend of Paran S08


This will be a short session. I want to finish off this dungeon but likely to put things on hold pending the arrival of my Pocket Lands and Game Master Apprentice decks. Using the digital assets keeps pulling me towards building tools around them rather than just enjoy my game. Let’s get into it.


  • Heroes continue travel to Bennet’s Manor
  • Multiple encounters
  • Camp and wake up in a Hag Coven’s underground cave
  • Fighting their way out
  • Defeated 2/3 Hags but depleted and still in cave

6th Eleasias, 1514

Location: 0,-2:1,3 (Underground Hag’s Cave)

Terrain: Grassland

Weather: Overcast

I’m going to say 4 hours have past so far to cover the time in the cave so far.

12:00 PM

Q Diamonds (er)

  • The heroes have returned to the chamber they first woke up in. There is only one passage left and they can hear intermittent cackling from that direction.
  • They force the door and go forth.

3 Spades

  • No encounter
  • They travel along the eery passage

7 Spades

  • 2 x Thri-Kreen
  • Very hard locked door barring way
  • Ronin smashes it down and the heroes are durprised by a pair of Thri-kreen
  • They make quick work of the alien appearing creatures and search the room.
  • Find 15 sp and 10gp
  • Secret entrance altar

10 Diamonds (er)

  • The passage leads them to a set of door which immediately leads another set of doors
  • Inside is a locked chest
  • Ronin uses his sword to force it open
  • Inside they find 20gp and a magic scroll
    • 1d10 to determine scroll spell level: 2
    • Is it a spell Paran already knows? No
    • Keywords to help select: Confuse, Religious, Barrier
    • It’s a spell scroll of Mirror Image
  • Do the statues either side of the chest come alive as they plunder the chest? No
  • Heroes move through west passage

10 Clubs (er)

  • 4 kobolds
  • Heroes quickly dispatch them with Paran taking a small cut in the process
  • Searching the room they find no loot but another passage

3 Clubs

  • They continue down this passage and hear the cackling of the hag in the distance. It seems to come from all directions at once so they cannot be sure if it has come behind them or not.

4 Clubs

  • Continue around a bend
  • Smell urine in the air but still not beasts

4 Clubs (er)

  • Continue around another bend

2 Diamonds

  • Continue through passageways with no encounter
  • I’ve decided to draw a King and face the hag

K Spades

  • Green Hag (Coven)
  • She is invisible as she knew they were coming and had already defeated her sisters
  • Does she wait for them enter the centre of the room? No! She attacks while they are still on the raised area
  • Does she attack from range with a spell? No! She is getting up close and personal
  • Is she focusing Paran? Yes + Event
    • Random Event:
    • Bargain, Abarrent, Purity
    • While approaching Ronin and still invisible, she makes an offer for power to Paran
    • Is she lying? No
  • Persuasion Check: 21 VS Insight (Intelligence): 25! (NAT20 + 5 mod)
  • Paran refuses the creature and she attacks Ronin
  • The fight is swifter than previous but both characters are severely injured by the end of it.
  • Paran casts Rope Trick and they take a short rest before searching the room.
  • Do any beast come by the time the finish? Unlikely. No
  • Searching the room they find:
    • 700 cp
    • 7,000 sp
    • 1,800 gp
    • 70 pp
  • They can guess that the exit from where they entered is now open. Is there any encounters enroute? Unlikely. Yes.
  • Combat Difficulty: Hard
  • 2 x Ghasts
    • They paralyse and severely wound Paran but Ronin is able to finish them.
  • Move on and exit the cave.
  • Find themselves back at the grasslands only a couple hundred metres from where they previously camped.

4:00 PM

Location: 0,-2:1,3

Terrain: Grassland

Still in the same location the pair decide to camp for the night and recover from their wounds

Ronin Survival Check for campsite. DC8: 21. Sleep without any worry of an encounter.

Long Rest is had and I breathe a sigh of relief knowing they managed to squeak their way out of that dungeon. Here’s the map.

7th Eleasias, 1514

Weather: Clear Skies

8:00 AM

Start Location: 0,-2:1,3

Terrain: Grassland

Pulling up stumps and this will be the start point for the next session.


After posting to WordPress I found that it retained the formatting a little too well. Brought over OneNote default styles rather than the high level Heading/paragraph stuff. I won’t completely recreate this post for appearances sake but will revert back to the table format used for Session 07.

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