Legend of Paran S09


No too much to lead in with this session. Got a short bit of time and feel like gaming.

S08 Summary

  • Heroes fought their way out of Hag’s Cave
  • Find themselves near where they last camped
  • Too exhausted to do anything else, they camp

7th Eleasias, 1514

Weather: Clear Skies

8:00 AM

Start Location: 0,-2:5,3 (Think I screwed up the coordinates again. Once the physical cards finally reach me here in Australia, I think I’ll make my map from them, convert to digital and insert coordinates at the border. Something like that.)

Terrain: Grassland
Encounter: Random Event

Random Event
Going to use Mythic Focus combined with GMA Random Event mechanics with the aim of keeping things a bit more focus.
Focus: NPC Negative
Keywords: Exchange, Graceful, Time
With no NPCs known to be in the vicinity, this is a new NPC? Yes!
Adventurer NPC? No. Ok DM Heroes, do your thing.

Rokel Barrelhelm
female dwarf dentist

328 years old (old)
4′3″ (129cm)
Monotone voice
Makes noises like -Pow!- or -Whap!-

Never laughs.
Is scared of the sea.
Is scared of thunderstorms.

Thinks another NPC is a werewolf.
Was beat up by Velene Graytrails

Prays to Dumathoin, keeper of the Secrets Under the Mountains (N)

So we have a very serious dwarf dentist who is a bit of a scared cat and they are out in the middle of nowhere. Is she travelling back to Didsbon? Likely. Yes! And she’s in an extreme rush.

What does she want to exchange to speed up her movement? Nothing, she hasn’t the time to exchange pleasantries. She must be about her business in Didsbon. She passes the Paran and Ronin at break speed for a dwarf. They try to hail her but she calls back saying she has urgent business. And continues on her way.

Heroes continue on and reach Start Location: 0,-2:4,3

10:00 AM

Start Location: 0,-2:4,3
Encounter: Neutral Encounter

Neutral Encounter: Burial Mound
Keywords: Curse, Dormant, Weapon
Is the entrance to the mound open? Unlikely. Yes! It is open and undead spill forth attacking the pair heroes.
I’ll make this a Deadly+ combat with undead foes. 2 ghouls and a mummy.

Thanks to a fireball and some lucky rolls, defeat all 3 without any damage taken.

Searching the ruin they’ll find some sort of cursed weapon. Is it traditional weapon like a sword or bow? Yes.

I’ll give Paran a DC15 Arcana check to perceive the a negative affect from the weapon. Success.

As Ronin take a practice swing with the clearly enchanted blade he found on the mummy’s corpse, Ronin tells him to drop it. He ritually casts Identify and learns it is a Sword of Vengeance. The pair decide to re-seal the burial mound with the blade still in it. They also decide to forego searching for any other treasure to avoid other cursed items.

They head north west towards 0,2:3,2

12:00 PM

Start Location: 0,-2:4,3 (Additional 2 hours to traverse tile due to river crossing)
Encounter: No Encounter
The pair cross the river and find a road heading north in the direction they wish to travel.

2:00 PM

Start Location: 0,2:3,2
Encounter: No Encounter
The pair find the road clear and travel easy as they head towards 0,2:3,1

4:00 PM

Start Location: 0,2:3,1
Encounter: Neutral Encounter

Neutral Encounter: Lair
Lair Type: Stronghold built by Humans. Conquered by invaders. Populated mostly by Humanoid denizens. Medium site with 21 rooms.
Are these humanoids, a hostile group? No.
Rolling on TSAT NPC table to predominant race. Human.
It’s another Human Settlement. Nice.

Combination of OMGM and Kassoon provides;

AgeLong Established
DemographicsDemographics: Human (51%), Halfling (39%), Elf (5%), Dwarf (2%), Half-Orc (2%), Gnome (1%), Half-Elf (<1%)
FortificationHeavy wooden wall, with ditch and watch tower


Ok so our heroes arrive in the stronghold township of Penhenley. There’s a few things I like the idea of checking out in Penhenley but they’ll take longer than is available to this session. What I’m going to do instead is expand the map a bit.

You can find the result here. I still need to figure out how to link to the full size image but this will do for now. Till next time, take care.

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