Legend of Paran S10


This session I began using The Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox 1 and 2. However I ran in to a few too many issue (my fault) so I’ve reverted back. Both the books have given a lot of idea on how I can improve my travel system nonetheless.

I’ve actually lost track of exactly how long I’ve been travelling to Bennet’s Manor so I’m going to arbitrarily place it at 0,-3:2,4.

S09 Summary

  • Heroes resume travelling towards Bennet’s manor
  • “Meet” Rokel Barrelhelm who rushes past them with barely a word
  • Encounter a burial mound but make quick work of the undead that spill from it
  • Discover the stronghold settlement of Penhenley

7th Eleasias, 1514

Weather: Clear Skies
So the pair have found the stronghold of Penhenley. It’s a long established settlement so it’s safe to assume it has blacksmith and apothecary.

Does the Apothecary have potions of Greater Healing? No
Does the Apothecary have any potions of Healing? Likely. Yes.
1d6 – 4 potions of healing available. I’ll assume standard price of 50GP each.
I’m going to allow the heroes to exchange their lesser coins while they’re here.
Does the Blacksmith have any enchanted weapons or armor? Unlikely. Yes! With that I’m going to say he has a +2 weapon for each of the heroes. But do they have gold? Discerning Merchant’s Guide 4.1 says 2500gp per +2 weapon.
Before they go spending that kind of big money, this town seems to be pretty well stocked. Does it have a shop for scrolls, etc? Considering the supply of enchanted weapons, I’m going to make this even odds. Yes. Yahoo!
1d6 for how many spells I can pick that are available for sale here. 5.
Paran purchases scrolls for Locate Object, Dispel Magic, Fly, Haste, Leomond’s Tiny Hut for 675gp
Paran also purchases the supplies to copy these into his spell book for another 650gp.
Are Beads of Nourishment available? No.
Are there any wands or rings available? Yes.
Wand of Magic Missiles? No.
Ronin will purchase a +2 longsword for 2500 and sell his +1 longsword for 250.

Ok a tenday later after replenishing supplies, the duo continue north towards Bennet’s Manor.

17th Eleasias, 1514

Weather: Clear Skies

8:00 AM

Start: 0,-2:3,1
Action: Travel north
Terrain: Road, grassland
Encounter: Nothing
End: 0,-3:3,5

10:00 AM

Start: 0,-3:3,5
Action: Travel north west
Terrain: Hills
Encounter: Nothing
Start: 0,-3:3,5

12:00 PM

Start: 0,-3:3,5
Action: Travel north west
Terrain: Hills
Encounter: Nothing
Start: 0,-3:3,5

2:00 PM

Start: 0,-3:3,5
Action: Explore to find Manor House
Terrain: Dead forest
Encounter: Nothing
DC 20 survival check to find manor estate: 21 Success

Are there any hostile forces visible as they find the manor estate? No

The heroes find the estate grounds. Spying from within the dead woodlands they see no movement. They can see the manor house. They try to sneak towards it.

Group Stealth Check: 21

They sneak towards some shrubbery near the house. They  are 90 feet from the front door.

Do they see any movement at this stage? Likely. Yes.
Hostile forces? No.
Humanoid? Likely. Yes.
What are they doing? Forget, Helpful, Action

Spying from the bushes the pair notice 4 priests who appear to going through their morning prayers. Paran considers making his presence know but Ronin pulls him back.

Let’s give the priests a stat block to know what we’re dealing with. Lets assume if we took all 4 on at once it would be a deadly combat. Rip Tide Priest stat block achieves this and it’s thematic so we’ll use that.

Let’s give them a perception check on in the unlikely event they detect the heroes. 10 so no go.

After 30 minutes the priests disperse in different directions around the estate. Do any pass closely to the hedge? Yes! One waits for the others to get far enough away then begins urinating onto the bush where Paran and Ronin are hiding.

I’ll give him another perception check with advantage to spot his pending doom. Actually got a natural 20 but for some sad reason these guys have flat perception modifiers. He’s getting surprised as Ronin can no longer stand the piss on his shoe.

By the time the priest has an opportunity to react it is in critical condition. I’m going to allow him to summon a Water Weird. It will act on his turn this round then roll it’s own initiative from hereon. The priest tries to then flee but Ronin catches it with a Sentinel strike and finishes it. The Water Weird remains and lashes out. The heroes are able to take it out without too much fuss.

And that is where I’m going to call the session.

See full map here.


The heroes are just outside the manor which the water cultists have converted into their temple. No doubt there are more priests and worse within the temple as well as the 3 that are out and about on the grounds right now. We’ll find out next time.



Paran’s quest for power and renown 
Evermeet council members seeking Paran’s death 
Demons seeking Paran’s deathFiends have been appearing in Ithica to attack Paran.

Minor Threads

Recover Bennet Willowrush’s EstateManor estate taken over by corrupted water cultists Bennet has hired party to clear manor
Smuggler gang coercing mulesRumour smuggler gang are threatening one time mules into working for them permanently
Rokel thinks someone is a werewolfHeroes encountered her rushing back to Didsbon but don’t know why

Resolved Threads

Recover item for Dedrick OakenheartRonin agreed to retrieve relic from mine for Dedrick in return for healing of the unconscious Paran Retrieved relic from mine Delivered relic
Help Yngvild save her childHeroes save child from a Hag in S04


ParanMain character
RoninParan’s protector and man that raised him

Non Player Characters

Avelina CadotTavern owner in Drasnia
Bennet WillowrushNoble in Drasnia Seeking assistance recovering manor estate
Bree LynchfieldSmuggler met outside of Drasnia
CrafirWizard on Evermeet Council that is known to be seeking Paran’s murder
Dedrick OakenheartCleric of Illmater in Drasnia
Naethyn CaskajaroEvil doctor and charlatan in Drasnia
Yngvild RockharvestRanger indebted to Paran and Ronin for saving her daughter

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