Legend of Paran S10.1

This mini session I’m going to build a character I plan to introduce. I’ll start out with the factors I have  arbitrarily decided on then we’ll move onto the generation phase. So here’s what I know:

Class: Cleric
Domain: Nature
Race: High Elf
Role: Healer and Guide
Backstory Elements: Was a member of the Royal Council when the monarchy still ruled. Fled Evermeet following repeated assassination attempts. The cause for the attempted murders was the characters investigations into the deaths of all known royal family members following the demon invasion.

So those are the known elements. Gives a clear indication of what I expect of them mechanically but we still need to work out who they are. Let’s get generating. We’ll start with a name.

Using fantasynamegenerators.com I decide upon Fenric.

Next we’ll use Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox to determine gender. And the result is Female.

Next is alignment. I decide it will be good so roll a 1d6 and result is Neutral Good.

Now I want to try something different and use Universal NPC Emulator to provide some personality for Fenric. I haven’t used this before so may make some errors but here we go.

Known facts are as already provided. Fenric is elvish nature cleric who left Evermeet to escape assassination in the wake of the demon invasion. As part of that I think it’s safe to say she is loyal. I’ll tentatively note that but let’s see what UNE generates.

Uncouth, Craftsman

Interesting start. Power level will automatically be equivalent to that of the party.


She’s been having dreams about the Evermeet royal family She doesn’t know what they mean but they brought her to Ithica. She senses there is something here that Corellon wants her to discover. Something to do with the deity, nature and the royal family. She is trying to understand it and wanders Ithica in the hopes of comprehending the meaning.

Now let’s do the mechanics and make Fenric in D&D Beyond. She’ll get the same epic stat array as Paran and Ronin (18/16/16/14/14/12 after racials). She’ll also start at level 5 as that’s where the party is right now. She’ll have all the optional features from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything.

Background… Well she was an uncouth craftsman and has been a wanderer sticking to the forest for some time. With that I’ll give her the Hermit background.

Starting Feat…. Warcaster.

Ok putting it all together. Here’s what we get.

Name: Fenric
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral Good
Background: Hermit
Personality: Rustic elf who prefers the outdoors and nature to the city and people.
Motivations: Discover the meaning of the dreams her god is sending her about the royal family.

I tried to create a portrait for her in DM Heroes but with brown skin not being an option for elves in it, I decided to use Hero Forge. It worked out well but now I have to go back to do it for Paran and Ronin.

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