Legend of Paran S10.2

Similar to the mini session I had to generate Fenric, I also want to add a rogue to my party. With this I fill the classic Wizard, warrior, cleric and rogue party. Another upside is I can start using Xanathar’s encounter tables. While unbalanced at the best of times, the balance is more towards a 4-5 character party than 2. Anyway let’s jump into what we know about this rogue.

Class: Rogue
Subclass: Arcane Trickster
Race: High Elf
Role: Scout, skill monkey and melee striker.
Backstory: Was a spy for the monarchy before the demon invasion. Similar to Fenric, fled Evermeet after evading multiple assassination attempts and under the belief the royal family was no more.

To make a name easier to get I’ll get the gender first using Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox. Male. I’ll use 1d4 to determine if chaotic or neutral good. Chaotic Good.

Ok now using fantasynamegenerators.com, let’s get  a name. Ernan.

Ok using the same pattern we did for Fenric, let’s get some personality traits from UNE.

Delightful, Officer

That’ll be fun to incorporate. Moving on. Power level is the same so let’s get some motivations.

Prepare cowardice
Indulge faith
Seek the oppressed

Hmm….. So Ernan was a spy with a penchant for flair. He served the Queen by playing the role of a court dandy but was actually her most valuable clandestine agent. With his knowledge of how the Royal Council worked, Ernan recognised the pattern of deaths indicating a power grab. He spent some time in hiding on Evermeet to gather intel on who were the perpetrators and to identify any survivors. He noted the obscenely loyal Ronin never turned up dead. He also knew of the secret birth of the child Paran.

After some years of watching and waiting, Ernan was sure Ronin escaped Evermeet with the prince. He left Evermeet to track him. Not long after reaching Ithica he encountered Fenric. He knew her as a royalist from their past history together. She told him of her dreams. He has put his faith in her that Correlon is guiding them to Paran.

Ok that gives us his story. Now for mechanics. He’ll get the same starting stats as the rest of the party  (18/16/16/14/14/12 after racials). His background is clearly going to be a Spy. And his starting feat will be Elven Accuracy.

Name: Ernan
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Background: Spy
Personality: A royal spy who suits the cover of court dandy a little too well.
Motivations: To find and restore the heir of the Evermeet monarchy.

And here’s the portrait. Once all the characters are introduced, I’ll update the feature graphic to display them correctly going forward.

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