Imuin E00.01

Recently I put the Legend of Paran campaign on ice due to issues with the story and access to materials. I am now starting a new campaign that will use all digital resources. As part of this I want to invest some time pregenerating some content. To start with I created the “world” map.

I used the island of Tasmania as my starting template. I imported a topographical map into Wonderdraft to trace then simplified the coastline and removed all the other islands to have a single landmass.

Next I added an approximation of the terrains. Looked nice but wasn’t as varied as I’d like and the soft transitions between biomes would make determining terrain type a chore. So I put “hard” edges on terrain squares using a 70×70 pixel grid which i could import into Roll20. Next I messed with the terrain some more for more variance with a desert region, jungle, swamp and even arctic area in the north. Exceptionally unrealistic but it should makes for a fun play space.

Next I added a key to the edges of the map for tracking locations. This was more arduous than I thought it would be but being able to give precise coordinates will save a lot of time later.

Finally I inserted 5 starting settlements. 3 cities and 2 towns. These are all fairly widely spaced so it would be a couple days or more of travel between them. I’ll later add sea travel.

Next is naming my new island continent. I used good old and selected Imuin. As I don’t have a main character for this campaign, at least not yet, that will be the campaign title as well as world name.

Here’s the map and until next time, take care.

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