Legend of Paran S10.5

I have recently found myself unmotivated to continue my Legend of Paran campaign. There are a few reasons but the three main ones are;

  • Frustration with waiting for the various decks I purchased from DrivethruRPG to arrive (and their canned response to wait 60 days and get back to them) which has put stymied my goal of playing primarily physically.
  • A feeling of cheating as I gave my two original characters strong stat arrays as I planned to play with just the two of them. I later decided to expand the party to four characters and came to a standstill while trying to work out how to normalise the stats.
  • I was losing interest in the story. Despite the game become increasingly rogue like, I don’t mind that as long as there is a story to play out. The one I had was becoming uninteresting for me even after the time spent to inject more personality for the characters.

As a result, I’ve decided to put this campaign on hold. I may return to it later but for now, it’s on ice.

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