Imuin E00.04

I’m happy with Sores but I want to see if I can more quickly generate the next town. The properties at least. The recap for of what I want to generate is;

  • Name
  • Population
  • Demographics
  • Government
  • Known for
  • Economy
  • Defence
  • Districts

I am going to deliberately go with one of the two remaining cities. I roll to determine and get the east coast city.

Using Fantasy Name Generator I get Pearlwinds for the town name.

I use Excel to generate a random number between 22,000 and 30,000 for population. Result is 22,372.

I decide to use the Main Inhabitants table from this Reddit post as my demographic. I’ve modified it to my taste. I’m also going to use this as my base demographic for all of Imuin including Sores. See summary for details.

I roll on DMG Forms of Government table and get 65: Monarchy. Considering the diverse population of the city, I’ll roll on the demographics table to determine the race of the monarchy. 27 is Human. 50/50 roll to determine who the gender of the current monarch comes up with female. I will say her title is Duchess. Using Fantasy Name Generator I determine her name is Elise. Ruler’s Status rolled from DMG results in “Respected, fair, and just”. I’ll roll on UNE to determine more about this Duchess another time.

Next what is Pearlwind known for? To start with it’s going to be another major trading center being the only large port on the east coast. Let’s roll for some more things using the table from the post previously linked.

  • No weapons policy
  • Famous for its foods (Smell of baked bread was the result)
  • A wishing well with a local legend

Those are nice things but I also want landmarks for a city this large. Using tables from this post.

  • A grand guild hall
  • A famous garden/park within the city
  • A great library

Also I like this table, The players should care about the settlement because…

There are signs of a monster infestation

Economy… I think I’m going to skim over this to says it’s a wealthy town with a healthy middle class due to the progressive policies won through the grand guild hall. Has a thriving craftsman area. Possibly the best crafters in the world. I think I’ll make it a practice to skim over the economic side of things going forward as it adds little value to the play experience in my opinion.

Defense… Using OMGM I get “Heavy stone wall, with walkways and watch towers”.

Districts… I’m going to use Donjon’s town generator to help speed this up.

Citadel/Castle/PalaceRose KeepInner castle and royal palace
TempleShrine WaySmall
CraftsmanMarvel PlazaLarge with a grand guidhall
ArcaneArcane QuarterSmall but house a large library
Park/GardenMielikki’s RestSmall district of parklands
Nobles districtIvory TerraceSmall district for nobles
Merchants/middle class ?Large middle class district
Poor quarter ?Medium



Population: 22,372


High Elves36-438
Lightfoot Halflings44-518
Stout Halflings52-598
Hill Dwarves60-667
Mountain Dwarves67-737
Wood Elves80-845
Rock Gnomes85-873
Deep Gnomes951
Forest Gnomes971

Government: Monarchy ruled by Duchess Elise. She is respected and thought of as fair and just.

Known for:

  • No weapons policy
  • Famous for its foods (Smell of baked bread was the result)
  • A wishing well with a local legend


  • A grand guild hall
  • A famous garden/park within the city
  • A great library

Story Hook:

  • Signs of a monster infestation


  • Rich
  • Trade centre
  • Famous for its crafts people


  • Heavy stone wall, with walkways and watch towers

Ok with that complete it’s time to build a map. Here’s the base I’ve generated.

Now I’ll define the district areas.

Now to put it together in GIMP.

It was a lot faster second time around and I worked out settings to make a cleaner map for the generator. Overall took a couple hours for the properties and map but I’m pleased with the result. I have one more known city to generate then two smaller harbour towns. Once the settlements are done I’ll figure out what next.

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