Imuin E00.05

So the final starting city to build. After this will be 2 harbour towns. I’m not going to provide the step by step process as I have in the past but will just jump in.

Name: Vallon
Population: 26088
Government: Democracy using a parliamentary system.
Known For: Street festivals, wine, thieves’ guild and political intrigue
Landmarks: A school of wizardry in a tower
Defence: No walls but magical defences
Law Enforcement: Not enforced for those who pay bribes

GovernmentParliament HouseMediumNo inner citadel
Poor quarterJungleLargeNestled against market quarter
Middle classClearwardLarge 
WealthyMarble RowSmall 
ArcaneThe ArcanumSmallHas a tower
TempleTemple DistrictSmall 
MarketVallon MarketsMedium 
DocksThe MarinaSmall 
CraftingCrafter’s PlazaMedium 

Ok it’s a rough start but got close enough to start a map pretty quick.





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