Imuin E00.08

We have two settlements remaining. One in the arctic north, one in the desert south. Rolling to determine which one to generate this session gives us the arctic north. Here we go.

Name: Faven
Population: 8500
Government: Governed by several wealthy aristocrats, whose bizarre laws and decrees are commonly ignored.
Known For: An ancient monolith of crystal said to entomb the undead corpse of a lich.
Landmarks: None.
Story Hook: Secret cult using the city as a base.
Defence:  Heavy stone and mud wall
Law Enforcement: Town guard but the populace mainly police themselves.


Poor quarterThe RimeMedium
Middle classThe MiddlesMedium
WealthyThe HillVery Small
TempleThe TemplesSmall
MarketThe MarketsSmall
DocksThe BrineVery Small
CraftingCraft RowSmall
No government district due to style of government
No dedicated Arcane quarter




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