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As I prepared for the generating the final settlement, I came across a resource for generating settlements. While I may not need as detailed layouts as a GM running a group campaign, I thought I’d try it out for this final desert settlement.

The resource is Spectacular Settlements by Nord Games. I haven’t done a read through but came across glowing reviews so we’ll try it out.

Basic Information

OriginMilitary Camp
PriorityMilitary +1 for fortification +1 for law enforcement
SpecialityUnique Shipping Methods
EnvironmentCoastal This location is already known as a coastal town at the end of the desert
ProsperityFailure -6 to visitor traffic roll -13 to population wealth roll
Market SquareSpacious
Vendor Stall AcquisitionLease
Merchant OverflowBanned +1 for law enforcement
FortificationExtremely Fortified


Decided to add a keep as per advice in the book. Seemed a good match considering the origin, priority and fortification of the town.

SizeMedium (7×7 squares)
Exterior Wall Thickness10 ft
Number of FloorsTwo
Raise Entrance?Entrance on ground level
Entry DefencesPortcullis

Inside The Keep

There will be 4 rooms and a cellar as per the book’s guidelines.

Dining and ReceivingPoor
Guest QuartersDecent


Population DensitySparse
Population Overflow40%
Farms and ResourcesFarming Agriculture Farming Agriculture
Visitor Traffic Mostly Locals
Night ActivityQuiet
DemographicsOnly Two. 60% primary race, 40% secondary race.
DispositionFriendly to visitors
Law EnforcementTown Watch
Population WealthDestitute -4 to crime roll -2 to quality rolls
CrimeAverage +2 Urban encounters

Points of Interest

Non-Commercial Locations

Guidelines indicate 3 non-commercial type points of interest

Place of worshipAltar
Place of worshipOratory
Place of worshipOratory
Place of governmentTown Hall


Fervency of Local FollowingQuiet
Alignment of the FaithGood

Oratory 1

Fervency of Local FollowingModerate
Alignment of the FaithGood

Oratory 2

Fervency of Local FollowingFervent
Alignment of the FaithNeutral

Commercial Locations

Guidelines indicate 8 points of interest

ServiceHired Help – Arcane Academics. Experts in matters of magic and lore (may also be natural magic or something else; it need not be exclusively arcane). Team
ServiceBathhouse. Provides spaces for bathing.
ShopTextile production
ServiceClub. Provides entertainment via comedic, dramatic or musical performance.
ServiceBarber. Provides grooming services, such as haircuts or shaves.

Extra Intrigue

Recent HistoryTunnel
Noteworthy OfficialJudge Committed / Competent
Market DayOne of the merchants’ wagon loads is infested with some kind of pest, and the guards are working to remove the cart and its cargo to be burnt outside of town, before it spreads. The merchant is arguing loudly and desperately.

Well that is a lot of interesting details to blend together. One thing I realised is missing is a name. Luckily my wife supplied Raviskar.

Raviskar is a small town built around a keep at the edge of the desert. It was built by the people of Sores to guard against incursions from the orcs and barbarians that lived south of them. The town has a small port but it is very expensive to use and sees few visitors.

The townspeople are poor as their income is based solely on supplying the keep’s garrison. As it has been decades since the last serious raid, the people of Sores have been more thrifty in keeping Raviskar supplied.

Castle Raviskar is an imposing slab of undressed stone, two stories high.

Raviskar Town is wholly contained within high stone walls and watchtowers. No houses or merchants are allowed within a mile of the settlement though numerous farmers work the fields just beyond that point.

Points of Interest

1Castle RaviskarWhere town mayor lives
2Temple of LathandarGod of Birth and Renewal (NG)
3Temple of HelmGod of Protection (LN)
4Shrine of TormGod of War (N)
5Monastery of MalarGod of the Hunt  (G)
8Malar’s BountyTextile shop which specialises in light armour
9Ragnyl’s ForgeSmithy

Ok I really like this. I’m going to re-do Sores with it but then will jump to the characters after that as it’s been too long since I actually played and my GMA and Pocket Lands cards finally arrive after 53 days 🙂

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