Imuin E00.10

After what I think was a surprising success with generating the military township of Raviskar through Spectacular Settlements, I decided to re-roll Sores as I will start my journey on the west coast of Imuin. I have decided the opening quest will see the party traveling from Sores to Raviskar so I only need these two towns at this stage. Let’s get rolling on New Sores.

Basic information

OriginMagical. The capital was founded around something related to magic (perhaps a theory, rumor, or massive spell event). The draw of the original idea proved to be very strong indeed.
AgeOld. The capital has been around for 300 to 1000 years.   (+1 to population density roll)
SizeMedium. Structures in the capital are able to support around 50,000 people.
Population CapacityQuintuple Multiply the number by 5. (Population now 250,000)
Outside The CapitalMakeshift Settlement – Shanty Town None Farming
StewardshipPassing. The capital’s fundamental elements are taken care of to a serviceable degree, though an inequality of attention is noticeable, and some areas seem to take priority over others. It could be that resources are not plentiful enough to cover everything, but those in charge are doing the best they can.   (-1 to general condition roll) (-3 to population wealth roll) (-2 to law enforcement roll)
General ConditionImpressive. The capital is well taken care of, and cleanliness is clearly a priority. Structures are maintained, though signs of wear may still be apparent. It feels lived-in, but of a respectable quality in every regard.   (+1 to district condition rolls)
FortificationFortified The capital is surrounded by a substantial wall of wood or stone. The wall is able to be patrolled by guards on a raised walkway. Visitors to the capital pass through a main gate that can be barred in the evenings. A few watch towers may be placed around the city, though are likely sporadic.   (+3 to disposition roll)  
Market SquareAmple. Room for a fair number of vendor stalls.
Vendor Stall AcquisitionEncouraged. Excess vendors are encouraged to set up stalls outside the capital, if they are unable to get a spot in the square. There are maintained areas available for use, and are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. When in use by vendors, this area is regularly patrolled, if law enforcement personnel can be spared.
Underground PassagesSewers. A network of drains, pipes, and trenches lies beneath the capital. Base the sewer’s condition upon that of the settlement, if they were built concurrently. They may pre-date the current capital city.

Government & High Society

LeadershipOligarchy After getting oligarchy on the roll, I’ll stick with the theocratic oligarchy originally rolled in Imuin E00.02
Leadership UnityClose-Knit. Communication is open. Disagreements are constructive.
Governing PriorityControl. Absolute control is of utmost importance. All decisions are made with the aim of maintaining an iron grip on the capital and its people.   (+1 to military force roll)
Priority ApproachAggressive (Moderate). A defensive stance is taken, though opportunity is provided for good faith. If that opportunity is squandered, dealings can become much more difficult. Shows of force are typically relied upon but peaceful or, at least, agreeable resolutions are usually considered.
Priority SuccessVery Successful. The leadership has made great strides at achieving its initial vision, and looks like their success will continue.

Lifestyle & Residence

Leadership LifestyleRespectable. The leader’s lifestyle is unassuming, but comfortable, appropriate to one in their position.  
Leadership ResidenceLarge House. The leader’s residence is large enough to make an impression and, potentially, have some spare rooms.   Considering the theocratic government, I will interpret this as very large temples in which the high priests live.
Leadership IntentGenuine. The individual lives this lifestyle because they truly believe it is good/right/acceptable to live this way. This (whether positive or negative) might be based on influences from their life, such as how they were raised, or even a sense of entitlement.


Number of Connections1 This will be with the city on the east coast
Connection RelationEnemy – Friendly. Relations are civil enough, but there is a fundamental and irreconcilable rivalry, or difference of opinion, that prevents any real alliance.

Intrigue & Espionage

Spy Network SizeModest. The capital has up to a few spies working outside its borders.
Infiltration DepthGeneral   Goals: Gathering general intelligence involving identification of key places, figures, routines and infrastructure.   Repercussions: Individual – revelation of identity National – diplomatic tension, divulging information about discovered spy’s efforts.
CounterintelligenceAdequate. The capital has up to a dozen operatives working within its borders
Counterintelligence WatchfulnessPassing. Obvious threats to the capital are found and dealt with. Threats with any serious degree of subtlety (if there are any) go undetected.

Notable Visitors

Number of Visitors3

Visitor Details

1Escaped PrisonerInteresting Place. Word of a noteworthy place reached them, and they mean to see it.
2MessengerOn the Hunt. They are in pursuit of someone or something. I’ve decided this is a bounty hunter playing a messenger seeking the the escaped prisoner
3ScribeDoing a Favor. A friend or loved one asked them to come here and resolve some kind of business.


Military ForceYes
Standing or disbanded?Standing
Recruitment TypeMandatory. Law states all able-bodied citizens must spend a certain amount of time serving in the military.
Size of ForceStrong. The force’s size is large, and likely solid enough to consider going into battle.
SpecializationTheatrics. A section of the military force uses display to distract enemy attention and sow chaos (such as starting strategically-placed fires).
Military FacilitiesSimple Structures Inside the Capital. This encompasses barracks facilities for the troops, and quarters for officers. Training grounds are equipped drilling yards within light walls.


Type of NobilityBlood. Title and status are hereditary, passed down by birth or through marriage. Positions were likely originally awarded to the ancestors of current nobility by a powerful individual, perhaps to reward or purchase loyalty.
Primary Nobles6
Relationship to the LeadershipDefended. The nobility not only support the leadership, but actively seek to subdue any who would challenge them.
Relationship with the PeopleBad. Dislike is pervasive. Dealings between nobles and commoners usually result in mutterings and barely-concealed curses, but open hostility is rare.   (root of relationship to the people: negative)
Root of Relationship with the PeopleLeadership Treatment. The leadership treats the people and the nobility differently

Noble Residence Locations



CultureCuisine Citizens believe life finds its meaning in the creation and consumption of excellent food, and the joy it can bring to all.
Pursuit of CultureModerate. Culture is viewed as passingly important. Most enjoy cultural activities, but they do not dominate to the detriment of other aspects of life.
Population DensityCrowded. The capital is filled with jostling throngs. Practically all structures are occupied. Some may even camp outside the walls. Moving about can be difficult, and bumping into other people is typical in higher traffic areas.   (+2 to night activity roll)
DemographicsNormal Distribution. 50% primary race, 25% secondary race, 15% tertiary race, 10% other.
Population WealthImpoverished. Around half of the capital struggles to carve out even a meager existence.   (-1 to general crime roll)
Visitor TrafficCrowds. A noticeable amount of people come through the capital on a regular basis. Congestion is increased.   (+2 to night activity roll)
DispositionOpen. The locals actively enjoy visitors, and their culture incorporates this. Just about anyone is welcome.
Night ActivityRaucous. When the day ends, the capital truly comes to life. Inns and taverns have customers coming and going at all hours. Parties, and other commotion, can often be heard. One might expect things to close down after dark but, in the capital, there are locations that only open in the evenings. There is likely a sort of ‘night market’ throughout the capital, with goods, services, or curiosities of all kinds available for those keep alternative hours (or scoff at the need for sleep).
Law EnforcementExtensive City Watch. Run by a captain and several sergeants, all key points are thoroughly guarded. The city perimeter is patrolled constantly, and city patrols happen regularly.
General CrimeCommon. Most are used to hearing about some sort of trouble every day or two. Everyone knows someone who’s been a victim of crime, either a theft or, sometimes, even a mugging, or worse. (Roll on organized crime table) (+3 to urban encounter rolls)
Organized CrimeWhispers. There are hushed rumors of criminal organization, but most folks keep these suspicions to themselves, for fear of ridicule, or reprisal. The organization has a few operatives within the capital and they work hard to keep a very low profile.


TypeConditionEntryCrimeHousingNotable Locations
DocksImpressiveLightly GuardedFrequentExtensive2

Administration/Temple District Details

Included LocationsNon-Commercial Chancery Great Temple Library Treasury   Shops –   Services Hired Help: Scribes and clerks – Team Hired Help: Priestly Guidance – Individual Hired Help: Hands of the Divine – Team
Additional LocationsSchoolhouse Magic Shop – Wondrous Items Magic Shop – Books

Market District Details

Included LocationsNon-Commercial None   Shops Baker Butcher General Store Smithy Tailor   Hired Help None
Additional LocationsArtist Luxury Furnishings Rare Botanicals

Docks District Details

Included LocationsNon-Commercial None   Shops Shipwright Weaver   Services House of Leisure Inn Tavern
Additional LocationsClub Inn Magic Shop – Armour

I’ve decided I’m not going to synthesize all the above into a narrative before playing but look up the values as I go to inform the story. However I did re-make my map for Sores. Many of the locations need to be renamed and I haven’t explicitly shown the districts at this stage as I want map creation to be simpler so as to not bog things down too much. Here’s the result.

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