Galrin’s Saga S07

Foreword That rarest confluence of events has occurred. I have the time and energy for a solo game. I’ve been missing the opportunity to see what happens next for Dorin and Galrin even while sitting in a couple suboptimal group sessions. Anyway the stars have aligned. I’m here are ready to play. As always nothing… Continue reading Galrin’s Saga S07

Galrin’s Saga S06

Foreword In this session I decided to pull the trigger on switching from the Pocket Lands 1.1 to Pocket Lands 3. Pocket Lands 1.1 involves rolling to rolling for terrain in each square as you encounter it. It’s an elegant system in my opinion and was what lead to my beautifully rendered map shared in… Continue reading Galrin’s Saga S06

Galrin’s Saga S05

Foreword I am going to slowly be introducing new mechanics and changing others. For example I’m going to try and start keeping track of date and generating weather. In a couple weeks I’ll receive my Game Master Apprentice Cards which will cover numerous oracle and generator functions. PocketLands geomorph cards for map generation. Axebane’s Deck… Continue reading Galrin’s Saga S05

Galrin’s Saga S04

S03 Summary Galrin and Dorin visit Chem He starts brewing the medicine for their mother but will need time to complete it He tells them that the local Tymoran shrine was looking for volunteers to investigate an issue Twins meet Shamil at the shrine and investigate a tunnel carved into the basement Leads to a… Continue reading Galrin’s Saga S04

Galrin’s Saga S03

Foreword I am still messing around with map generation. I’m currently using PockletLands but decided to shrink each map region into 5×5 tiles to map the geomorph cards that are in the mail. This renders some of the location coordinates given in session 1 and 2 incorrect but not going back to fix them. Also… Continue reading Galrin’s Saga S03

Galrin’s Saga S02

Foreword I decided to experiment at the start of this session and rolled a turning point using the Adventure Crafter. The goal was to challenge myself to see if I could incorporate the output into the session. I’m still working out how I want to format things as I go to separate story from mechanics.… Continue reading Galrin’s Saga S02